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Any allergy, food allergy, respiratory allergy, or skin allergy, is a defensive reaction of the organism against some external threat. People who suffer from allergies feel victimized, but they are absolutely not the passive type.

And furthermore, in most cases, that external element that the allergic person considers a threat is inoffensive. The allergic person is constantly increasing the possibility of having to deal with potential enemies and so he needs to build a great defensive shield. He is, in fact, a subconsciously aggressive person. A person of repressed aggressiveness (seemingly good-natured), is more likely to have allergies than a person who plays out his aggressiveness.

The allergic person leaves nothing to chance. He fights against everything and everyone and often chooses enemies who have a large symbolic weight. This aggressiveness is caused by his fears.

Most allergies selected by the allergic person are related to nutrition, milk, love, sexuality, libido, fertility, and, also, people. These are all inoffensive elements. Let’s take a closer look: Pollen (symbol of fertility and procreation), animal hairs (which are airborne primarily during the mating season), and some foods including milk (which symbolizes the relationship with the biological Mother).

The person who suffers from hay fever is a person who denies his own power. “Whom am I allergic to?” he should ask himself.

Household dust, which suggests dirtiness, filthiness and disgust, is frequently an element of choice (the sense of disgust, curiously, is a fundamental ingredient in the occurrence of skin cancer).

The allergic person manages to allow his aggressiveness to take control without being aware of it. Tyrannically (though subconsciously), he forces all family members to keep away the enemy substances, animals, plants, dust, and certain types of foods. The allergic person needs to confront his own life, fragilities and fears, to stop suffering from allergies.

The allergic person wants to live a sterile life, without aggressions, without microbes, without sexuality, in other words, a lifeless life.

Food allergies (digestive system), skin allergies, and respiratory allergies (lungs, bronchi, asthma, and rhinitis), all respond to a common pattern of allergic person.

The allergic person does not trust, he controls. He has difficulty understanding the laws of co-creation.

Allergies may occur due to memory association. If, for instance, in the past, someone felt an emotional shock of some nature when walking past a cow, it is possible that the he feels the same shock every time he sees a cow. If, at that moment, he happened to be eating an orange, it is likely that he will develop an allergy to oranges.

In the old days, the first love encounters often took place secretly in hay stacks. Sometimes a farmer showed up with a pitchfork and a dog. It gave the lovers a big scare. The brain registers that memory of aggression in the hay and associates it with pollen flying, dog hairs, and sex.

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