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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Deficiency of immunity. AIDS is associated to a feeling of exclusion and lack of discernment. Immunity is the capacity to distinguish between what is for me from what is not for me. This is indispensable to our identity and our species.

When immunity decreases, this means that the body has weakened the person’s capacity to say “I Am”. The person has ceased to be his own witness.

AIDS is associated to the feeling of exclusion from the group and to lack of self-esteem. It is spread through blood and sexual contact. The identity of human beings lies precisely in the blood and in sexuality (capacity to be with the other person and to give yourself to him), which presupposes that I know who I Am. The person who is on good terms with himself, with his own mind, does not catch AIDS.

People who feel excluded need to understand that their exclusion is not the cause for AIDS. It is the way they feel their exclusion that is the cause. And the reason why people feel their exclusion intensely is more related to their beliefs, theirs thoughts, their mental patterns, than to the actual fact of being excluded. They feel excluded because they are people who need very much to be approved by others. They lack self-esteem. In other words, they have a problem respecting their identity.

AIDS is not caused by mere sexual contact, nor by the frequency or intensity with which sexual life is experienced.

Its origins lay in sexual addiction. This sexual dependence implies that the sexual addicted person normally has sex with several partners. Having several sexual partners may show a lack of respect for one-self. In fact, in our lives there are people who make us grow, who have a positive effect on us, and there are others from whom we should get away, because they do not make us grow and are not good for us. Going to bed with everybody is a signal there is inability to distinguish what is good for us from what is not. It is a denial of the “I”. It denotes massive lack of self-esteem. If I am unable to distinguish what “I” means, I am not able to say what I Am. Therefore, my immunity decreases. The active sexual consumer, non-dependent, chooses his partners and knows how to distinguish those who are good for him from those who are not. He gets selective in his choice of sexual partners.

Some groups, such as some homosexuals in New York, have caught AIDS. They felt excluded from society and also had many sexual partners. Feeling excluded and having many sexual partners may, in fact, both contribute towards AIDS.

The immune system is not an army that is ready to fight off everything that gets near and seems threatening. This idea is something that goes against the natural flowing of the entire Universe. We are not at war with anyone. It is the mind that likes to nurture the idea that life is an ongoing war, that cancer is a war that must be won, that diseases need to be attacked.

Well, life is not a struggle, it is giving, it is surrender.

What the immune system does is attempt to find a gentle balance between the inner and outer side of the person. It is a type of door that is open to let in microbes that are useful to repair the unbalances and damages of the body and that closes itself again once the job is completed.

There are people who have been excluded from their families and group of friends, in other words, from their clans and who are able to create or find another group, another clan (because they did not need other people’s approval) and who are not HIV carriers, and who did not get AIDS. After all, they have never felt excluded.

There are people who have selective sexual relations, although with several partners, and who are actually selective. They are, in fact, aware that there are relationships that are good for them and that there are relationships that are harmful for them, which they should refuse having. These people are not HIV carriers, and did not get AIDS either.

And there are also people who are HIV carriers and still manage to live extremely well for a long time, only because they do not know they are carriers. The posture on the fight against HIV and on the HIV’s aggression is a mental and psychological stance that causes a huge tension in the person who knows to be carrying the virus. The tension is brought about more by the diagnostic than by the actual HIV, which has never bothered the person until that moment.

Therefore, neither sex nor exclusion causes AIDS. What causes it is the feeling of exclusion and sexual dependence.

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