Acute articular rheumatism

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The cartilage of the joints becomes worn out.

This is to children what chronic evolving polyarthritis is to adults.

The body shows up small childhood conflicts. It happens mostly to children due to daily competition and competitive sports at school, which are almost all extremely harmful for children.

The pre-puberty child is naturally on a hormone standstill, which means that, naturally, no hormone stands out in particular over the others (see Endocrine system about the hormonal draw). However, the child is forced to leave this standstill in order to compete.

Sport is good, but competition is not, as it contributes towards the child’s undervaluation. Acute articular rheumatism shows that the child was not respected in his deepest energy. This child self inflicts violence, which is not natural at all. For what reason will a child be violent towards himself? It can only be explained by his relationship with his parents, friends or teachers. Even if the schoolteacher imposes a disturbing behaviour on the child, the parents are responsible for their decision to put the child in that school. Why was the child put there? Was it because it was what always happened inside the clan? Was it because the Father wanted this and the Mother wanted that? What is going on with this child’s family life?

If this acute articular rheumatism reaches the heart, it can become very serious. If it reaches the kidneys, it shows that the child’s system of values has crumbled down. It is only at this stage that the child and parents realise that particular sport was not that appropriate, and that particular school was not that appropriate, or that the most balanced thought for the child was not that of the clan.

When the child realises that his system of beliefs has crumbled, he may feel a cruel and bitter disappointment and develop glomerulonephritis. (protein in urine). In this case, see Kidneys

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