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The way I move around in life, either on foot or by any type of transportation, alone or with company, represents an extension of my life and of my conscientiousness. We may analyze what goes on in the mind of a person by examining the house where he/she lives, the car he/she was driving, the person with whom he/she clashed against, the house where the accident took place, etc… All the accidents we have show a tension we feel in our conscience, a conflict. So, every accident is the revelation of a tension a person felt and was unable to verbalize. Often it is a rebellion against poorly exercised authority, but there may be other tensions. It is possible to study the representational meaning of things - a car, a motorcycle, one’s family, the room where I sleep, the house where I live, the hot water pan that someone burned himself with - as extensions of one’s conscientiousness. Feng Shui provides such an avenue for study.

In any instance, no accident happens without a reason. The question we must ask is: “Why was I there at that time, with that person (those people)? What message do I get from this accident?” In the case of a crash, for instance, ask yourself: “Who does this person remind me of?” It is also important to analyze what part of the body was injured. The specific location of an injury is never random.

When the victim is a child, it is important to understand the relationship he/she has with the parents.

In this case, see Child and see Family

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