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Abortion represents an interruption of pregnancy. It is customary to establish a difference between what we call an involuntary or spontaneous abortion (a miscarriage or an abortion performed because of life threatening circumstances) and a voluntary abortion (ending an unwanted pregnancy). However, from the point of view of personal energy, they reflect the same thing. The tension on the conscience is the same in both cases. In the voluntary abortion, the person uses her will. In the case of an involuntary abortion, it is the body that manifests itself. However, the conflict and the tension in one’s conscience are the same. The same holds true in the case of a stillborn. It is a matter of timing. The timing is not convenient. “Not now. Later!” The person is afraid to bring a child to the world. Birth represents the first co-creation (joint creation) involving three consciousnesses. One’s incarnation requires the confluence of three wills: the will of the Father, the will of the Mother, and the will of the Baby. For this reason, in any abortion, it is necessary to look at what goes on in the parents’ relationship. It is likely that they are experiencing some disagreement. It is also possible that one of them does not want the baby, perhaps neither one does. When this is the case, the parents do not decide to interrupt the pregnancy, it may just happen. The Mother’s body shows the tension the Mother feels. The abortion is the manifestation of a great tension in one of the procreators. It should not be punished but, rather, understood.

In families where the mother had spontaneous or voluntary abortions, it is necessary that all descendents know about it. A hidden abortion affects the lives of all family members and, mainly, it affects the lives of any subsequent babies. Abortion may affect the behaviour of pre-existing babies, as well as the lives of any subsequent babies. Many women contract ovary and/or uterus problems following an abortion or a miscarriage, primarily when they are forced to end the pregnancy against their intimate will to keep the child. This can be imposed by others or by one’s own values.

Abortion is a traumatizing experience for women. It is necessary that the woman is able to verbalize all the sensations and emotions she felt.

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