Anything can be healed

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Anything can be healed. This is my truth. This does not mean I am able to heal everything.
Healing is the natural result of awakening to a new vibration. It is by awakening to a new vibration that
creation can take place. The creation of what? The creation of a new state of being. Healing consists of
the creation of a new state of being. And that creation of a new state of being happens when we work with
Heaven’s Force.
Working only with Earth's Force, a new diet, a new bodywork, a new therapy or new beliefs, or even medicines,
whether chemical or natural, does not heal the person.
Earth’s Force will only contribute to healing if preceded by working with Heaven's Force.
I know curious cases. I leave you some examples:
A woman with leukaemia who converted to a new diet called instinctive therapy was able to heal entirely
of leukaemia without taking any medicine. This happened in France.
Another woman had the same result converting to a macrobiotic regimen, also without taking any medicine.
On the other hand, I know people who were already practicing macrobiotics, or veganism, who have had cancer
and were not able to heal it, either with macrobiotics or veganism. They ended up resorting to chemotherapy.
In the first two examples, both women were converted and healed. In the other two cases, people did not need
to convert to anything, they were already practising a specific type of regime, and they were unable to heal
What did actually happen?
What healed the first two people was not the practice of a new diet. If it were the diet, the other two
would have been cured too.
What healed the first two women in my example was the change in their way of life. A change in their sense
of direction. And this change in their way of life will have surely forced these two women to face inner
conflicts and issues in their lives which they had left aside. The food just contributed to the process.
The key to healing was the use of Heaven’s Force.
The two other people were not cured because nothing made them change their vibration or their path.
They were practitioners of veganism and macrobiotics, respectively. Still, they probably would have left
inner conflicts unresolved, emotions unlived, or turned their back on some necessary confrontation with
their lives or the people they lived with. They lacked sense of direction. They have probably not worked
with Heaven’s Force
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