New book available: Are you a Creator or a Repeater?

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“It is difficult to experience long lasting happiness without being connected to intuition.
Intuition is a unique flow that sprouts from within every human. It is the gate to creation.

Many things on our planet work well, but many others simply do not work at all.
Those that work well are invariably the result of a new and creative paradigm.
When we feed our human mind with repetition, problems occur.

Our planet is facing a moment of truth.
The evolution of mankind depends on the ability of people to be creators and not repeaters.
We need to decide to become creators. As such, we have the power to create a new world.

In this book, Luís clearly shows he sees the world through eyes that are not restricted by any conformity, rule or regulation.”

This is book is now available in print format on Amazon, you can find it here.

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