Create a New Life Workshop - 9 days residential (May 2016)

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9 day seminar
Language: English - Portuguese
Additional possible languages: Spanish

Date and Time:

  • Welcome: Saturday May 21, 2016 from 10:00 to 12:00
  • Start: Saturday May 21, 2016 at 12:30 sharp
  • End: Sunday May 29, 2016 at 15:30
  • Residential seminar with accomodation and all meals included in the investment value
  • Location: Europe - Portugal - Braga - DiverLanhoso, Lugar de Porto de Bois, 4830-602 Oliveira
  • Investment: total value ranges from €600 to €1000 (full board) depending on both the registration date and chosen accomodation type (these values do not include the VAT at the legal rate of 23%)
  • For reservations, conditions and prices, contact us through

Create A New Life Residential

Each soul walks his/her own path alone. None of us came to Earth to live out a story written by others.

Our emotions manifest, our body reacts and creates symptoms, matter, our day-to-day companion, does not comply with our will and tricks us.

Is it possible to create and manage matter out of spirituality?

Who might be interested in this Create A New Life Residential?

This residential seminar is open to everyone: To those who have never before attended any courses or workshops with Luis, to those who already have attended Create A New Life I, Create A New Life II and also for those people who are currently attending the Academy of Spirituality in Matter.

What is it?

It is an intense experience during which one decides to dedicate nine days to oneself. It is a living and practical elevation process that enables one to create a life of harmony, abundance, peace and beauty with no effort. Anyone can create a new life. It is possible to create a life of abundance, peace and beauty. We will work on another plan, different from the one that society lives everyday. We create a new way in which to experience life.

It is a voyage to the deepest levels of consciousness.

You will learn:

  • How to flow in a world of forms
  • How to flow with others and with emotions
  • How to free oneself from a way of thinking that does not let one flow with life
  • When to be yang on the outside or yin on the outside: the right choice
  • How to use the potential of the whole brain
  • How to be open to unusual abilities
  • How to use the power of attention to access intuition
  • How to acknowledge ESPs
  • How to work with subtle energy
  • How to work with auras, light and vibrations
  • How to develop one’s mediumnity
  • How to access a state of being both creator and creative
  • How to meet one’s inner truth
  • How to understand the body’s cry
  • How to create and maintain a genuine vibration
  • How to live one’s life instead of being lived by one’s life
  • How to feel, observe and create a new life
  • How to live the authenticity of the self in contact with matter and others
  • How to take responsibility for creation and co-creations
  • How to develop immunity
  • How to create the life you desire with no effort
  • Intense living experience with hands-on exercises
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