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A Workshops & Conferences entry published on November 6, 2010

Do you wish to organize one of my Create a New Life workshops in your Country?

Please contact me.

It can be in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese


Create a New Life - Week End Workshop

Friday               20.30 to 24.00  

Saturday           10.00 to 21.30

Sunday             10.00 to 20.00

There is order in the movement of the planets, in nature and in the functioning of the human mind.

Every blockage of the natural flow creates emotional and physical symptoms.

To live happily should not be a wish or an objective, but rather a state of self-knowledge and acceptance.

Are you able to just be What and Who You Are?



This is not a workshop about changing your life using a mental process.

We work at another level, different from the one in which society lives day-by-day.

We create a new life experience.

It is the connection to your inner being that enables you to receive the solutions for a life in harmony, in peace and in beauty.

Anyone can create a new life.

This is a journey to the deepest level of your conscience.

Are you ready to be touched by the truth of  What and Who You Are?


Contents of the workshop:


  • Working with the Power of Attention
  • When should I stay in the flow and when should I embrace the form?
  • Why do beliefs, thoughts and attachments make me unhappy?
  • How to live my life and not being lived by it?
  • How to be complete and genuine when I am in contact with matter and with others?
  • How to separate behaviour from emotion?
  • Developing immunity
  • What are your physical and emotional symptoms telling you?
  • How to use the mind to get closer to intuition?
  • How to develop ESP’s?
  • How to create a new effortless life?
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