How to Become a Spiritual and Wealthy Being

A The Path to Intuition entry published on January 24, 2010

I have recently read Steve Pavlina’s post on How to Build a Stronger Ego

Is it really useful to build a stronger ego?

The stronger your ego, the more you’ll be kept away from your intuition.
I’ve talked about this in my post How to Become Stronger.
With a stronger ego, you will be more determined, harder, more aggressive, more Cartesian, but also less sensitive, less intelligent and your life will demand much effort and many wars.
You will become a doer and a repeater but not a creator.
Because your ego only repeats; it is unable to create.

Your ego is driven by the sense of survival, not by the sense of evolution.

With a big ego, the probability of becoming wealthy or poor is exactly the same.
I know people with strong egos who are very wealthy and other people with strong egos who are very poor.
Building a stronger ego also increases the propensity to Alzheimer, senility, isolation and brain problems. Furthermore, you may have an arrogant behaviour and a problem with the sense of authority.

May they end-up being wealthy or poor, the individuals with strong egos tend to stop their evolution as human beings. They just do not evolve. And of course they are unable to solve our planet’s major issues.

And what about weakening or killing your ego?

Some people claim they want to weaken and sometimes even kill their ego.
When you try to absolutely weaken or even kill your ego, you never get read of it.
Focusing on the disappearance of something has the same result as focusing on something to get bigger. What you focus upon grows.

These people tend to have little financial prosperity most of the time. They also tend to hardly see the individual as a whole and their practice of spirituality seems to be according to rules and separation.
They are often radical and sometimes against society. They pretend to live away from matter. But spirituality has to be lived in matter; not away from it.
These individuals also tend to stop their evolution.

Ego killers and ego builders are in two opposite ends of the same paradigm.

And, of course, they tend to mock each other.

Intuition is your link to everything there is. It is your super intelligence.
When you spend your days building a stronger ego or creating separation, intuition will not sprout easily from within.

No, do not build a stronger ego and do not weaken or kill it either.

Just accept it. Accept your ego. Observe it, acknowledge it and accept it.

Just focus on Who You Are and accept your ego.
Just accept it. Leave your ego alone!
Accept your state of limbo (everybody has one), accept your fragilities, accept your inconsistency, accept your mixed feelings.

Live with your ego and accept it, but do not define yourself thru your ego.
Your ego is just not Who You Are.
Identifying to your ego impeaches your intuition to enlighten your life.

If you have access to Who You Are, you will realize you can master matter just by being. You do not need to do anything to attract matter and be wealthy.

We can all create the state of living we want. But for that, we will have to leave our ego alone!

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