Will Faith Save the World?

A Changing the World entry published on December 8, 2009

I am writing this post while the Copenhagen meeting about the Climate Changes is taking place.
Are you afraid? Are you anxious? Are you nostalgic of the way our planet was many years ago?

It is hard to live in the present moment.

We tend to either complain about the past or to miss the past.
Hence, we tend to nurture emotions of fear and/or nostalgia.

We also tend to worry about the future or to want it to come quicker.
Thus, we tend to feel anxiety.

And, of course, we make a big soup with these three emotions (fear, nostalgia and anxiety), living them in alternation and in a self fulfilling behaviour.

Nurturing fear, nostalgia and anxiety does not solve any problem.
It never did and it never will.
It is only when we remain in the present moment that we can address fear, nostalgia and anxiety effectively.
Why? Because the present moment is the only one there is.

Fear and nostalgia, as well as sadness, shame, anger, despise and other emotions are fed by our beliefs system.

Beliefs are never in the present moment.
They are always in the past, all of them.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be called beliefs.

Most people like to use what they call good beliefs to solve their bad emotions.
So they become believers.
They are moved by beliefs, by faith.
Anybody can become a believer; religiously or not.

So you hear people say they have faith in God, in the Pope, in the Dalai Lama, in Allah, in their government, in their president.
Do you have faith in those that are now gathered in Copenhagen?

In this planet, a majority of people are moved by faith, in whatever it may be.
Yet, they are not able to address the biggest issues the planet has been facing.

And, of course, it happens (very, very often, by the way) that they do not all cherish the same faith.
So sometimes we have war between people of different faiths.
It is very common. Even in your neighbourhood.

This creates more and more separation.

But, to solve the Earth major issues, we need unity, we need to become One.
We’ve seen the solution will come from Intuition , from the connection to the I Am, not from separation.

No, faith is a belief that is rooted in the past and eager to change the future.
And, unfortunately, faith has never solved anything in the world.
Instead of faith, we need something very different that lies in the present moment.

I am not trying to offend anybody, here.
I am just saying that faith is not in the present moment.

Instead of faith, we need factual verification.
Factual verification means to recognize and to acknowledge the facts.
The Latin languages use the word constatation in French, constatación in Spanish, constatazione in Italian and constatação in Portuguese.
This word does not exist in English.

Constatation means to state with, i.e. to verify and just acknowledge the very truth of facts.
It means to avoid denial.
It means to live according to the facts.

And facts are always in the present moment.
They can’t be anywhere else.

It is only when you filter facts with your beliefs that you step away from the very truth of the facts and from the very present moment.

No, faith seen as a belief will never solve the world’s problems, I am very sorry.
Only the true acknowledgment of the facts will.

I am sorry to say that faith seen as a belief has been the biggest tool the ego has used for thousands of years on this planet.

And of course, it took us where we are today.
Faith as a belief creates repetition.
Many humans ceased to be Creators and became Repeaters.

And I insist. I am not only talking about religious faith.

By the way, did you know that from the earlier Greek translation of the bible, the word that was used for faith was “pistis”? (Of course this is the phonetic spelling – I know nothing of Greek language).
And guess what: Pistis meant certainty. It did not mean belief.

Certainty lies on the present moment, nowhere else.
Certitude is the solution, not beliefs.

What certainty?

  • The certitude that the way the world is today has to do with a huge co-creation.
  • The certainty that the wars, hunger, desertification, climate changes, stress, diseases and animal extinctions are just a natural result of the way our collective human ego thinks.
  • The certitude that from the way we’ve been thinking and believing for the last 100 years, at least, no other result would have been possible. The way things exist today makes sense. It just could not be any different. We are where our ego led us.
  • The certainty that it is our beliefs system, our mother culture, our religious beliefs, our family and clan beliefs and our nations’s beliefs that make us humans seem mean.

How do I know?
Just thru constatation, i.e. thru a simple true verification of the facts.

  • The certainty that we are all One.
  • The certainty that intuition will solve all the problems of our planet and beyond.
  • The certitude that solutions lie within.
  • The certainty that it is by acknowledging the way things are, that it is by loving the way things are, that it is by loving the human nature, that it is by accepting our ego is unable to solve this planet’s issues, that it is by reconnecting again to everything there is, to nature, to animals, to plants, to the sea and the mountains, to the spirit and the soul that we will receive the insights to how to live a new life on Earth.

You know what?
This certitude makes me feel extremely happy.
I really feel motivated by all this.

“Yes, we can!”, somebody said recently.

I agree with this sentence, if we are certain the WE means the collective I AM and not the collective Ego.

Yes we can!
Yes I can!
Yes, you can!

Start now.

By observing, verifying, acknowledging and accepting every fact, every co-creation, every event that happens in your life; and by vibrating genuinely. Be all you are. Do not deny your “dark - fragile” side.

And live your life happily.
As happily as I just wrote this post.
I really feel enthusiastic about what our planet is about to become.
And I am already working on it.

I am absolutely not worried about the Copenhagen meeting.
I have no fear and no anxiety.
The solution will not come from those meetings.
These meetings only help the planet, when those who participate are able to find unity.
If all the participants were able to talk and think as One, that would already be great.

Do not be a believer!!!
Be certain, trust the universe, trust the human nature, trust Who You Are.

There is absolutely no reason for you not to be Everything You Are.
We need Everything You Are to change this planet!

Yes I AM!

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