The Law of Rebound

A The Laws of Cause-Effect entry published on December 1, 2009

The Law of Rebound is the second of the four laws of cause-effect. The first one is the Law of Health, the third is the Law of Universal Attraction and the fourth is the Law of Creation.

The Law of Rebound says anything I send to my environment, to people, to animals, to things always comes back to me, but stronger.

The way I vibrate has an impact on the vibrations I eventually receive from others and from things.

The Universal Puzzle works like the edges of a pool that would amplify the ripples created by swimmers.
The puzzle intensifies the ripples I create.

All the genuine vibration we send out to the world comes back to us multiplied.
And all the non genuine vibration we send out to the world also comes back to us multiplied.

Sometimes, we are so busy being egotistic and non genuine that we state this law is not true.

The puzzle is perfect and follows a pattern of waves and vibrations.

We harvest what we sowed.

If you do not like what you’ve been receiving from the world in which you live, start changing what you’ve been sending.

Be aware of your power to change your world now!

Observe, accept and acknowledge the law of rebound.

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