The Law of Creation

A The Laws of Cause-Effect entry published on December 3, 2009

The Law of Creation is the fourth of the four laws of cause-effect. The first one is the Law of Health, the second is the Law of Rebound and the third is the Law of Universal Attraction.

The Law of Creation says everything that exists is the result of thoughts; It is the result of an intention.

Look around and you will realize that every object is the result of a thought. Every object has a certain function.

We understand easily the function of objects created by mankind, like a chair, a shoe, but it is much more difficult to understand the function of a mountain, or of a river, or of a cloud or even a flower.
Actually, they also have a function, but it is difficult for us to tell.

Mountains, rivers, flowers are also the result of thoughts.
The difference is that their function took its origin in intuition;
They were produced at the level of the soul, at the level of the Being, at the level of the I AM.

Before anything happens in our world, I AM.
In beginning the verb was.

Before anything happens, you are, I AM.
This shows the law of creation.

Everything starts in my conscience.
Everything that happens to me on Earth was created by I, was chosen by I, although not always consciously.
It is not often my conscious choice, but it is always a choice I have made.

It is useless to ask for more justice to the world.
It is by becoming aware of my personal power of creation that I can change my life.
I can create a different life now.

It is using consciously these four laws: The Law of Health, the Law of Rebound, the Law of Universal Attraction and the Law of Creation that some humans are able to master the subtle energy and to change some events on Earth.

This world where we live is the one we’ve created.
There is only a universal justice. The human justice is impotent.
Maybe justice is the wrong word; probably, we’d better call it the universal functioning.

It is because we humans lost consciousness of these four laws that we do not realize the huge power of destruction we have.

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