The Law of Health

A The Laws of Cause-Effect entry published on November 30, 2009

The Universal Puzzle follows a certain pattern and responds to four natural laws that are not part of our materialistic and egotistic code.
Understanding and accepting these laws can be very useful.

The Law of Health is the first of the four laws of cause-effect. The second one is the Law of Rebound, the third is the Law of Universal Attraction and the fourth is the Law of Creation.

The Law of Health says everything that happens in my body has previously happened at the level of the spirit.

The trigger for a healthy body is not at the level of the body.
Being healthy has to do with being or not being genuine.

Physical symptoms are nothing but the result of translations operated by the puzzle in response to our vibration.

The puzzle only reacts to what we are.
If we send him lies, it will react to lies by showing the truth thru our body symptoms.
The puzzle is only a huge echo of my inner vibration.

It is important to remember that we are all part of this universal puzzle.

He who creates physical or emotional symptoms is being called to attention by his own spirit.
In fact, his spirit is urging him to vibrate genuinely.

Our fragilities and our hidden emotions need to be brought out to the light.
Every human symptom is the result of a part of me that I do not want to live.

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  • August 1st, 2013

    Bobbi P says:

    That is incredible- Every human symptom is part of me that I do not want to live. Observe, acknowledge, accept. I observe, I limp, I acknowledge I limp, I accept now I limp. I have not accepted that, I want to change that! Part of me I do not want to live, what could it be? But I know the answer doesn’t come from puzzling it out. It comes when I let go of the emotion, the little me. My left leg, feminine, not wanting to live my feminine. Fear of living feminine. A relief to read here to live my life, not to try and be someone else. Well, I cannot force myself to live whatever it is I don’t want to live. I can observe, acknowledge, accept, and allow myself to be how I am.

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