How to Understand Healing?

A Emotions and Health entry published on November 8, 2009

Have you realized there is only one Health but many diseases?
Have you realized there is only one Instinct, only one Intuition, but many intellectual thoughts?

Have you realized there is only one Mother-Nature but various ways to violate it?

Most people define Health saying it is the absence of disease.

This would mean that disease came before health.
Would this sound reasonable to you? I find it crazy!

Instinct is the result of our connection to Mother Earth for millions of years.
Everything that has happened on Earth is registered in our instinct.
Instinct is part of the collective unconscious.
The collective unconscious is fully connected to everything that exists in the planet.

Any instinctive behaviour cannot be explained.
A lion that kills an offspring that was the result of his predecessor’s semen does it by instinct.
This lion has absolutely no intention to be violent.
It can’t be explained.
When we let instinct work freely, everything stays balanced; the eco system works naturally.
There are no diseases in wild life. Some get killed and some survive. It is the natural order of things.

It’s only when we humans intervene with our Intellectual Mind that diseases appear.
Instead of letting instinct work things out, we use our cortex to judge and repress our natural instinct.
To do so, we create beliefs, attachments, possession and intellectual thoughts.
It is our intellectual activity that creates diseases.

Most of us tend to stop our evolution at this intermediate level between Instinct (that we judge too animal, low level) and Intuition and live our biological existence intellectualizing everything.

Hence, it becomes a life struggle between disease and absence of disease.
And we never get close to Health or Healing.
Unfortunately, the history we are taught is the history of human Intellect.

It is only when we enter the world of INTUITION that we get connected to everything there is in any plan of existence.

Intuition is at a Supra conscious level. It is a super infallible system that sprouts from within.
Health lives within us.
Healing means: Start erasing all your beliefs and listen to intuition.
Get connected to the I Am .
That is where Health resides.

There are no diseases, only sick (intellectual). people.

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