How can you Be Valued by Others?

A Who You Are entry published on October 18, 2009

How can one be valued by others?
No one should be valued for what he or she does.
Humans can only be valued for what they are, and nothing else.

Our society judges its citizens on their expertise at doing things.
Politicians know this very well.
This is why they claim for more voters basing their campaigns in what they have done and in what they promise to do.

No wander why we live in a corrupted society.
When you define yourself for what you do, you are corrupting your being.
No one is what he has accomplished.
Everyone is what he really genuinely is.

I like to say that a person with a violent behaviour (who does bad things to others) can be much more genuine than an “honest” citizen who does good things to others.
This is a polemical phrase that people do not often like to hear from me.

People like to be judged on behaviour (doing).
But the universal puzzle only echoes what you are.
It does not care about what you do.

No human being can be defined by others.
No human being accepts to be defined by others.
This is a true notion we are all born with.
Yet, we quickly forget it, our ego trying desperately to obtain approval from others.

How can you get approval from others in our society?
By showing them how good you are at doing things.
Yes, by showing how good you are at doing this and that.

Are we not corrupting the essence of who We Are?
By defining myself for what I do, I am indeed forgetting who I AM.

In a world where people would recognize we are all one, no one would need to show how good he was at doing things.
The genuine vibration would be the only thing that would matter.

I see brilliant kids being totally devaluated by teachers at school just because that can’t (or they do not want to) do some things.
Teachers some times tell them they just are not worth it.
“You are nobody, if you can’t do this”.

The genuine vibration of a kid at school is the only thing that matters.
Competition, at school, is a mean to create big undervaluing traumas in some kids.
Some kids have acute-articular-rheumatism and sometimes renal problems because of competition at school.

Parents often want their kids to be something different than they are, just to serve their own purpose.
Kids are asked to do things that go against their true nature.
Sometimes, they even get  money for what they were able to do.
When they don’t achieve it, they will be penalized and of course will not receive any money.
We are buying their motivation as if they were objects.

Nowadays, people feel depressed.
But depression has to do with devaluation.
It’s the attribute of someone who values himself only for what he does.

People who practice sports have problems in bones and muscles because they feel undervalued.
Indeed, they were unable to do what they were asked to do.

Leukaemia has to do with undervaluation.

I say we are all good at doing some things and not good at doing other things.
Yet, that does not define any of us.
You are who You Are.

Respect yourself.
Do not try to do things only because you are seeking for approval.

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