Arrogance and Humility

A The Path to Intuition entry published on October 1, 2009

In these times of complexity, where humanity seems to be caught in a dark paradigm, it would be interesting to ask how humble we should be.

How much can we accept?

Can we accept that everything has a reason and that that reason has to do with our collective thinking?
If humanity has proven it’s inability to solve the planet’s major issues, aren’t we just asked to be humble, to just vibrate genuinely, to just observe, acknowledge and accept how our world is spinning?

We are all linked.

And the whole universe is linked to us.
But we stay arrogant, saying that the changing of the world will be determined by the ego and its blind strength.
But we know that a new world will only come from Who I Am, from our connection to the universe.

Our body is a reflexion of this:

We have a nervous system.
It is the deepest of all our biological systems.
And this nervous system has two parts:
The Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS).

The Central Nervous System is in charge when we take decisions;
When you decide to move a leg, to brush your teeth, to raise your arm, to call someone, to pick up your phone.
Your CNS gives an order and your body obeys.
You can be the one to give the order or it can be someone else, if you’re under hypnosis, for instance.
But someone has to give the order.
Hence, your CNS commands certain parts of your body.
He is the master of your mental thinking.

The Autonomous Nervous System is autonomous.
It does not need to be commanded. It works on its own.
You don’t need to do anything for your lungs or your heart or your liver to start working.
As a matter of fact, you have absolutely no idea of what your kidneys, your spleen and your pancreas are doing at this very moment.
And they are working in a balanced way.
All your internal organs work without your intervention.
There are only two internal organs which we can have some control upon:
• When you breathe, you can alter the rhythm of your breathing and thus affect the ANS. Of course it will be much better for your body if you slow your respiration rhythm down instead of increasing it.
• You can also control, to a certain extent, your bladder, and change the moment on which you will urinate.

Isn’t this fascinating?

Your own body does not trust your judgment; he does not trust your mental thinking.
Amazing, your own body does not trust you!
It works in a perfect balance without your intervention.

If even your biological body does not trust your mind, why would you have the arrogance of thinking that you could control and/or change the world?
Even if your aim was to create a better world (whatever that means).

It is not up to us to change the world, as I said.
The translations of the universal puzzle do not belong to us.

Our ANS works in a quantum autonomous way, just like the universe.
Our microcosm has the same structure as the whole macrocosm.
We have a huge power within, but it is certainly not submitted to our egotistic mind.

Once and for all, let’s admit and accept that we (our ego) are not in charge, here.
Not even of our body.
Let’s leave the world’s steering wheel to the universe.
Let’s get back to our humble home, where we are just asked to observe, to acknowledge, to accept and to give grace.
Our contribution to a different world lies in our Genuine Vibration.

Observe and listen to your body and you will notice that every time your mental egotistic thinking tries to intervene, it deregulates the ANS, instead of healing it.

Our ignorance of the microcosm knowledge makes us arrogant.
Humility is to simply recognize there is perfection in the universal movement.

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