How to Keep a Promise?

A Authority and Power entry published on September 9, 2009

Many people spend their time making promises.
The boyfriend promises this and that to the girlfriend, the husband makes a promise to his wife, governments and politicians make promises; almost everybody is used to promising something to others.

What is a promise?

It is to commit to something you will do in the future;
Or to commit to something that will happen in the future.

Isn’t this crazy?
Have you ever thought of this?
You are committing today about something that will happen in the future.
It creates anxiety.

As I said, many people in our society spend their time promising things.
But it is also true that many people in our society spend their time pointing out their finger at those who couldn’t (or did not want to) keep their promises.

If you stop and think, you will realize that very few people do keep their promises, indeed.

The main questions here are:
Who makes a promise, and why?
• What is worse? Not to keep a promise or to make a promise?

Have you came to a conclusion?
It seems obvious, does it not?
But it isn’t.

Who makes a promise?
The ego.

And why does the ego make promises?
Because he is afraid of losing something or someone.

For example:
A friend will make a promise fearing his friend would stop trusting him.
The girl makes a promise to her boyfriend fearing she might lose him.
The son/daughter will make a promise to his/her parents fearing he might be grounded and hence lose his freedom.
A politician makes promises to the voters fearing he might not get their vote.
A businessman will make a promise to his investors fearing he might lose their money.
A salesman will make a promise to his customer fearing he might go to his competitors.

It’s always your ego that makes the promise.
We’ve seen that the ego hates to lose.

And we’ve also seen that the ego is never in the present moment. He is either in the past or in the future.

When you commit to something that will happen in the future, you are manipulating the universe and its Universal Puzzle.
You do not leave room to co-creations nor do you leave room to universal translations.

So, how do you keep your promises?
You don’t…

Promises make you live your life with much effort, much fear, much conflicts and sometimes wars.
Promising something is arrogance.
You’re ego thinks he’s in charge, but he is not. The puzzle is.
Going against the puzzle is heading for many problems.

It is only natural not to keep a promise.
What is a shame is not to be unable to keep the promise, but rather to have made that promise.

Let me give you a strong example.

You get married today and the priest (whatever religion we may be talking about) asks you to solemnly swear fidelity to your bride or groom.
And you swear fidelity.

The weight of the whole society is now on your shoulders, because what you promised has to be kept!

And I ask:
Do you only know who, what and how you will be in some years from now?
If we all evolve, how can you know what you will be tomorrow?

Your ego thinks he knows, but that’s only your ego.

Do you know if in three years your personal growth will still be enabled by that person you got married to?
Will you see your husband/wife still as an authority in the couple?

How do you keep your promises?
By not making them!

To make a promise is to deny the existence of the universal puzzle, the existence of I AM.
To make a promise is to accept that your ego will be the one to decide what translations will happen in your life.
Good luck. Have a good life…
Don’t be surprised if your life is a daily race, a daily fight, a daily stress…

I do not get annoyed with the people who do not keep promises.
I already throw them out of my life as soon as they start promising me anything.
I do not deal with people who make promises.
I don’t even wait to see the result.

You can only commit to the now, to what you are doing now.
And that’s not a promise; it is living your real life in real time!

How can I know what tomorrow will be?

Carpe diem! Cease the moment!

And don’t you worry if your partner has left you, just because you did not want to make that promise.

To promise is to start preoccupations.
What’s a preoccupation?
It is to pre-occupy your mind with something that has not happened yet.
It creates anxiety and fear.
It is impossible to occupy your mind with other than the present moment.

Each time you make a promise, your sense of authority diminishes,.
Yet, you are often the only one not to notice it.

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  • September 10th, 2009

    Rui Alves says:

    I do think it’s quite possible to occupy the mind with the future or past. But it’s really a waste of energy. The main source for anxiety!

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