Are you ADD or ADHD?

A Who You Are entry published on June 14, 2009

I said that around seven years of age, the child ceases to be automatically linked to the source re-connecting on his own, with his free will, only when he wants.
This happens around the age of seven, for the majority of people. Yet, for some, their egotistic envelop never closes and the child remains in an automatic non conscious connection with the source; and of course without any free will in the world of matter.

This means this child cannot become free and hence is not very effective in the way he deals with matter and with our dual world.
This is the reason why we need our ego on Earth when we incarnate, to have free will. To do what we want and not what others want us to do.

These are children who do not fully close the ego envelop.
Therefore, they have fabulous abilities, since they keep connected.
They are extremely gifted.
They have access to different kinds of information automatically, without effort.
They can read others’ minds, for instance.

But, I repeat, they are not free. They don’t do it when they want but rather, when it happens.
They are not retarded children, they are just different.
They connect easily to the source, but they are not effective with matter.

There is no such thing as a “normal child”.
Every child is unique.
And every baby is born fully open and connected to the source.

Under the influence of the family beliefs system and of society’s rules, the reaction of every child on Earth can be very different.

  • In one end, we have children that close their ego envelop very quickly and hence lose their connection to intuition and to their inner being very fast. They are children with adult behaviours, very controlled, not spontaneous, very intellectual, very down to earth, who don’t like fairy tales; they are children very much identified with their ego.
  • On the other end, we have those who stay wide open and connected to the source. These may be lunatic, very open, daydreamers and they have a certain tendency to go against the laws of the kingdom of ego. In our western culture, where ego is the god, these children cannot adapt to society.

Of course, between these two ends (the controlled child with adult behaviour and the daydreamer who hates the laws of society), we have a range of other children, some more open and some more closed.

The children that remain connected often receive labels from society.
In the Anglo Saxon countries, they use the terms ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which means that they cannot focus their attention and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) when they are also hyperactive.
These ADD and ADHD labels are “bad” labels often used to qualify these very open still connected to the source children.

We can also find some “good” labels often used to qualify these children that remain connected; they are called indigo children, star children or crystal children.

Their behaviour may be inattentive, disobedient, contradictory, difficult, idealistic, dysfunctional and hyperactive, but also, very intuitive, with many ESP’s, very sensitive, very sweet and very intelligent.

The problem with our western culture is that we expect children over three to behave adequately, like adults.

The big creative thinkers used to be bad pupils at school.
They would not adapt very well to their school’s rules.
But they were geniuses.

The connected children feel frustrated by the way their family, their school and society in general act towards them.
Every child should be accepted exactly as he is, but society, school and families try to shape them, forcing them to use their Mental thinking.
They want to stop these children’s flow of life to sprout from inside.

Some of these children are not at all adapted to society and need special care.
This is the case of children with a strong degree of autism and of children with down’s syndrome (trisomy 21).
They have the same qualities of the ADD, the ADHD, the indigo, the star or the crystal children, but they are not functional in their day-to-day life. They need someone to take care of them.

To help all these special children I’ve mentioned in this post, we adults should try to understand how much they feel bad when they are criticized by society. These children need to be ubderstood, not punished.

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  • March 25th, 2011

    Timmy says:

    Brilliant article. You should write a book.

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