The Universal Puzzle

A The Path to Intuition entry published on May 12, 2009

Many ask me: “What do I do?”
And I reply:

I don’t know.
For the moment, don’t do anything, just observe.
Listen to the signs; what do they tell you?
Feel your body; what does it tell you?

Is that all?

The Universal Puzzle:

What we’ve called the level of I AM, or the level of the source, or the wholeness, or the void, or the supreme order, or the level of the soul, I also like to call it the Universal Puzzle.
It’s a metaphor.

This puzzle is in a constant movement.
It’s a perfect puzzle where each piece has its exact place; a perfect puzzle that follows a perfect pattern; a puzzle where a supreme organization rules.

Our role:

We’re not supposed to judge or even to understand the movements of this puzzle.
We are just asked to accept.
It’s not up to us to criticize the shape of the pieces or even their movements.
That’s what the ego likes to do.
We are just asked to acknowledge.

To acknowledge and to accept duality:

Anything that lives in the world of matter has to have its opposite.
As long as we will be part of the kingdom of matter, thru incarnation, we will always need to acknowledge and accept that the opposites need each other.

It’s only when we will start to understand that both opposites need each other to be defined that we will go beyond the duality of good and evil.
Indeed, you can’t define good if evil doesn’t exist.
So you need both in our world.

Everything starts from the source.
And the source is the wholeness; it’s unity.

The flow of life receives a form:

When we are born (when the flow of life decides to incarnate) we are placed somewhere on the puzzle.
A form and a position are given to us.
We become a piece of the puzzle.
This piece also has a place in the puzzle that is destined to it.
And this place in the puzzle that is destined to us is unique.
No other piece on the puzzle has the same destiny.
It may be closer or more far away from the place where we were placed at birth.

Hence, in our life on Earth, at first we are asked to become aware of the exact place on the puzzle where we were born; then, slowly, we’ll be asked to start moving towards our destiny.
It’s a life journey.

In this game of the puzzle, humans usually criticize their landing position at birth and also their role.

We have little to do:

Well, it would be a cosmic unfairness if our walk had to be directed by us, by our ego.
We would be playing blindman’s buff; a game where we (the players) would have very little chances of success.
No, the choice of our path towards our destiny doesn’t belong to us.
The trip, the displacement of a piece thru the puzzle, doesn’t belong to us.
I call this displacement a translation.
I use this word translation, as a comparison to the translation movement of planet Earth.

It is the perfect movement of the puzzle that displaces us. Not our ego’s will.
The translation we deserve will be the one we’ll get.
Harvest depends on the seed we planted.

Your ego hates the universal puzzle:

Your ego hates this idea.
The ego pretends he is the one to decide of your destiny.
Our ego thinks it should be our guide in life.

Observe how much our western mother-culture is based on ego and how much we’ve been destroying the planet, the other species and ours to.
No, the ego has absolutely no idea of what our path should be.
A part of mankind is now timidly starting to understand that we are only asked to vibrate.
In planet Earth’s jargon, we are only asked to rotate; nothing else.
Translations don’t belong to us.

We are just asked to vibrate genuinely:

We just need to vibrate; with what? With our genuine vibration.
We need to be complete, to live in a world of self esteem, not in a world of ego.
We need to find our genuine vibration.
This means you need to observe, acknowledge, accept and live who and what you are.
Do not try to be someone else.

Remember, to vibrate genuinely means not to try to improve. Just be.

How much time will it take until humanity understands humans cant’ improve?
We just need to be totally who we are.

The incompetence of ego:

Any change, any improvement of a person orchestrated by ego will not last, because it is not genuine.

Your ego only knows the strength of will.
But that is a tool of the instruction on matter, not of the instruction on life.

Your ego looks for artificial changes, only on behaviour; these changes don’t come from inside.

We’re just asked to vibrate.

Translations are the puzzle’s job:

Let’s now talk about what a translation is:
A translation is a change of your state of being or of any thing linked to matter.
You became calmer, that’s a translation.
You’ve changed job? That’s a translation.
You found new friends; that’s a translation.
You had a good appraisal from your boss; that’s a translation.
You earned more money; that’s a translation.
You started to be more intuitive; that’s a translation.
You have a better relation with someone; that’s a translation.

You literally receive your translations from the puzzle.

When people come to you and tell you: “you’re so different, calmer, kinder…” and you feel surprised to hear that because you made absolutely no effort to obtain that result, then you’ll know you received a translation. Something has changed in you and you did nothing to it.

You don’t need to use your will to change.

When you change from inside, i.e., when the change is orchestrated by the puzzle, then it is a deep change, not an artificial one.

Humility means to accept all translations are to be operated by the puzzle.

We are only asked to be complete and to vibrate genuinely.

The puzzle is nothing but a huge echo of my being.

The more you send a genuine vibration to the world, the more the puzzle will recognize Who You Are, and the clearer and the better you, as a piece of the puzzle, will be displaced to another location, heading your destiny.

If, on the contrary, by trying to hide a part of you or by pretending to be something else, you send to the world a vibration that is not genuine, then the puzzle will place you in a non genuine (and probably not easy) situation, with non genuine people around, in a fight for survival.

Yes, the puzzle only gives you an echo of what you emitted.
If you change the vibration you emit, you’ll receive a different echo, a different translation.

So, as a conclusion, start vibrating genuinely, otherwise you may have many problems.

Your intuition is your connection to the puzzle.

In every translation you receive, there are signs for you to observe and read.

The puzzle does not determine your life. It doesn’t determine anything in your life.
You may change whatever you want.
Nothing is predestined.

It’s up to you. You have total free will:

You may choose any path you want, but remember that, if you live according to the inner being, the puzzle will transport you towards your destiny thru life with no fights, no wars, no stress. You’ll receive all the translations you need to fulfil your purpose in life.

On the contrary, if you let your ego in control, your life will be a war for survival and you will be pretty shaken in your trip thru this planet.

You have total free will, but remember, your purpose is not supposed to be altered by your ego.

Life is not a war for survival. It is surrender to the source, to the puzzle; it’s giving in to the puzzle.

As long as humanity won’t acknowledge and accept the things that are not working well on this planet, it won’t be able to acknowledge and accept its fragilities and thus the vibration will keep being egotistic.
Therefore, the universe will keep sending us harder and harder translations until we understand how much egotistic we’ve been for years and years.

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