The Barriers to Intuition

A The Path to Intuition entry published on May 20, 2009

The path to intuition suggests you stay aware of everything that creates separation instead of unity.

I closed my last post saying: “It’s hard, because we deal mostly with matter and with ego and it tends to blind us”.

And remember, your ego only wants to create separation, because, for it, life is a competition that it needs to win.

Here are some examples of things that distract us from Who We Are:

1) Nations and patria:

The origin of the different populations existing on Earth is the natural result of humans with the same ethnical source, with common habits, common beliefs, common ways of living, who have decided to live together in the same geographical area because they found advantages in it.

Living together was a good choice for every individual and thus for the group.
So the notion of populations living in society makes sense.
It’s good, natural and healthy.
Biologically, with animals, the same happens.

With the years, we humans have started to feed a concept called nation, a notion that is not natural at all.
Historically, it was this concept of nation that made territorial enlargements, conquests, wars and genocides happen.

The word nation is the result of wars and invasions perpetrated by the human ego.

This made the collective ego grow and glow more and more for the last ten thousand years.
It culminated with the political establishment, a national anthem and an education with a patriotic and nationalistic trend, sometimes chauvinistic, almost in every country.

We have today nations that separate populations with the same characteristics, with the same natural origins.
Those who decided where the border lines would be didn’t pay enough attention to the habits, beliefs or way of living of those humans who had the unfortunate destiny to stay in either side of a frontier, belonging to a different nation against their will.
The concept of nation creates separation.

The national flags, the national anthems, the feeling of belonging to a different patria, the border lines, they all tend to reinforce separation.
Governments don’t defend life in general; they defend the life of their national citizens.
It’s crazy.

The enemy is the enemy only because he belongs to another patria. Even though we may be political allies, we are still enemies in many things. Nothing makes less sense.

And sometimes soldiers of an army are called to fight against other countries whose inhabitants are from the same original people, but who are forced to fight like enemies.
And, of course, desertion is a sin
Yes, if you don’t follow the rules of the establishment, you can only be considered a bad citizen.

2) Competitions:

Observe all kinds of international competitions with their national flags and anthems; more separation.

Observe the football competitions where the different clubs, the different colours and the identification to their emblems create absolute separation to the point of creating fights and injured or dead people.

3) Politics:

Observe your country’s parliament. Everything in it is separation and struggle for survival.
And I don’t talk about the many dictators in the world. They also create separation, but in a more violent way.

Observe the political parties, the governments and their opponents.

Observe Europe, and Japan, and the US, and China, and Russia and all the others.
Every one wants to defend his nation’s history, his nation’s economy, his nation’s culture and his nation’s tradition.
It creates separation.
It can’t work properly like this.
The so called globalization is not really a globalization.
It’s based on the interests of some people and of course it can only survive when it’s based on scarcity and separation.

4) Advertising:

Observe the lobbies of certain markets, the television shows, the advertisement…
It’s always the ego creating separation.

5) Debates and Conversations:

Observe people debating, instead of having conversations.
Do you know the difference?
In a debate, you want to prove you are right and the other party is wrong.
It’s about the survival of your own idea; it creates separation.
In a conversation, you just explain your point of view. That’s all; you don’t need to convince anybody of your idea.

6) Labels:

Observe the need to label everything.
The ego needs to label things and people, so that it may create more separation.

To label is to institutionalize truth.
It’s an illusion.
When you institutionalize truth, truth disappears.

Labels are prejudice, judgments and their only purpose is to separate.

Have you realized how much many doctors like to put a label to your pathology?
This is the best way for you to never get rid of it.
And of course, it allows them to rule.
Indeed, if you call that pathology the wrong name, you’ll be “punished”, because you are an ignorant.
These labels separate the “wise” from the “ignorant”.
And how much creativity do they show when they chose new labels…

7) Religions:

Observe religions.
Their dogmas are often based on separation.
Yes, they are based on good and bad, right or wrong, good actions and sins.
They tend to separate those who are baptised from those who are not; or to separate those who go to church from those who don’t.

And see how much competition there is between religions, each saying they are the true one, and claiming they adore the true god…

For me, it’s impossible to claim spirituality if you only create separation.

Once, I heard a pope say: “Refuse religion as a do it yourself practice”;
Meaning: “to be spiritual, pass thru us, priests, the Catholic Church”.
And I ask: why?
To repeat what priests want us to repeat?
To become repeaters and not creators?
To learn knowledge and to lose wisdom?

The more you repeat, the more you get distracted from Who You Are.
Does the pope have the velleity to think he has found the truth?

8) Rituals, Tradition, Habits, Training, Repetition:

The path to intuition also means to acknowledge repetition and mechanics.
Any ritual, may it be religious, in sports, in relaxation, in sex, in xamanic activities, in astrology, in healing, in yoga, at school, if it is a ritual, it means repetition.
It is not spontaneous, it doesn’t sprout from inside, it’s mechanical, repeated, trained.
It becomes addiction, not spirituality.

Any ritual you may use will not bring you closer to Who We Are, unless it’s spontaneous. But, if it is spontaneous, then it’s not a ritual anymore.

Observe the ritual of ethics, of values, of good education, of kindness, etc.

The rituals, the mechanical approach and technology are necessary when you’re dealing with matter, not with life, spirit or intuition.

Indeed, with matter, you have to fulfil rituals:
If you don’t follow a certain ritual while constructing a bridge, a building, a computer, a house, a mathematical equation, a physical, a chemical or a biological manipulation like a surgery, for example, if you don’t follow the ritual, you may fail.
In matter, you need to repeat, to train, to create a mechanic.
That’s part of the instruction on matter.

But your life is not a ritual.
It’s a re-creation at every moment.
Life is a flow that sprouts from inside. It’s formless and timeless.

It’s by creating forms that you can create separation.
Labels are thought-forms, rituals are thought-forms, judgments are thought-forms.
They are thought forms created by your beliefs system.

You can’t repeat flows. They are never the same. Every flow is unique.
You can only repeat forms.

Your stress, your anxiety and your fears in your life come from the rituals you have to follow.
Every habit is mechanical. Habits are beliefs. They are thought-forms.

Most of the rituals of monasteries, synagogues, mosques, temples, pagodas, churches are mechanical.
It’s repetition.
It’s separation.
It’s even war, in some places of the planet.

The adoration of saints, of animals, of idols, is also repetition.
It’s the adoration of forms.

Observe the rituals that consist in training your fragilities to become strengths.
Some people want to have an attractive form. Many people do this.
They won’t allow their life to sprout from inside.
They don’t want to be complete.
They stop their flow of life.
It’s a ritual.

Yoga can be a fantastic practice for your physical condition.
It consists of a repetition of postures, positions and training.
And it’s very good for your body.
But yoga can also be a means to getting to know you better and there, the mechanical repetition can be contra productive.

9) Spirituality:

Observe those who use the label spiritual as a way of separation from those who are not spiritual.
They use to cherish the idea that meditation is something you have to do away from others and in silence.
But that is not true.
To meditate means to be all you are at this very present moment.
To be here and now.
So you can meditate while driving a car or even at work.
It is not compulsory to be seated with your legs crossed in a “zen” position, breathing in and breathing out during half an hour, with your eyes closed.
That is also meditation, but it is not the only meditation there is.

10) Concentration and Attention:

Become attentive and aware. Use you power of attention.
Observe, acknowledge and accept forms.

Observe the difference between concentration and attention.
Did you know they are not the same?
Concentration belongs to ego. Attention belongs to I AM.
Attention is a means to receive the signs, to get a global picture, to be part of the flow.
Concentration is a result of the will, of the mental thinking; it’s a thought-form.
It blocks the flow.

11) Fighting to change:

Don’t change anything for the moment, just observe, acknowledge and accept.

Don’t fight against repetition, rituals, tradition, habits, training, separation. You would be reinforcing them.
No, don’t do that, just observe and acknowledge when you and the people close to you get distracted; and just accept that you were distracted.
There, you’ll be feeling the flow of the present moment.

Hence, you’ll be getting closer to Who You Are.

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