Observe, Acknowledge and Accept Facts

A The Path to Intuition entry published on May 3, 2009

The path to intuition is really the road less travelled by society.

It is a different dimension you need to find in you; it is to learn to enjoy much more than only matter.
It is the real state of evolution.
It is the path of a life without effort, without war, with no stress; a life of self knowledge.

It is the gate to a new world.

This world doesn’t need to improve.
To improve implies measuring; it implies a comparison between two states, one in the present and the other in the future.
Thus, to improve means separation.
It means time.
That’s what ego loves the most, because when there is time, there is separation, there is duality and ego rules.

Listen well:
Life can’t be improved.
But ego tells you the opposite.

Ego has been mastering humanity’s mother-culture for thousands of years.
It tells people they should improve; religions want people to improve; families want there members to improve; schools want pupils to improve.
But to improve only makes sense when we are dealing with matter, when we are talking about the instruction on matter.
But it doesn’t make any sense when we talk about instruction on life, on being.

No, because life sprouts from inside.
It is not to be changed from outside.
In history, the more humans have focused on the improvement of the human being and the more they’ve had wars; and still today.

Philosophers, intellectuals, most of the “fantastic elites” of our western society believe humans should improve.
To nourish the utopia of improving humans is to create war.
In life, to improve is to remain, it is permanency.

To destroy is also to remain.
Any radical group who tries to destroy anything in society becomes exactly equal to those he wants to destroy.
And he remains fully in the identification to ego.
And that brings blindness, hate, pain, war; and permanency.
And this is where many of us remain.

Let it fall apart. Encourage deconstruction.

And observe, acknowledge and accept the end of a cycle.

And then, create a new reality.

This is the road to the source.

The ego hates death.
It hates whatever end of cycle it may be.
It hates anything that is finished.
May it be to quit a job, to quit your husband or wife, to leave or to die.

The ego can’t deal well with physical death.
This is why humanity deals so badly with death.
The brain has associated pain to death for thousands of years.
Thus, it tries to avoid you that pain.
So it struggles for survival at any cost.

This is why the ego doesn’t understand evolution.

Look around. You’ll see the spectre of death everywhere.
Society fears death.
Statistics are mainly about the number of dead.
The most important is to stay alive; for the sake of society!
Death means failure in the society of ego.
You may be incapable, crippled or vegetating, but as long as you don’t expire for good, society is safe.

Every end of a cycle is a form of death. It is part of life.
Only the human ego’s beliefs system doesn’t accept it.

Who is non conscious of I AM can only believe that death is the worse of all evils.

So the path to intuition is the reconnection to I AM, to the inner being, to the wholeness; it is a path of awareness of Who I AM.

And we don’t need to do anything to reconnect, just to observe, to acknowledge and to accept.

Observe, acknowledge and accept attachments, emotions, fears, prejudice, hate, pain, war;
Yours’ and others’.
In one word, observe acknowledge and accept ego at work; yours’ and others’.
Doing this, we will become conscious of Who I AM.
Remember, we are the observer, not the object, not the ego.
From the moment on which you become conscious of your ego, that awareness is already You. Your other you, the I AM.
By recognizing your ego, your Me, you are already letting the I AM sprout, just by observing.
Isn’t this fantastic?

When we become conscious of what ego believes, thinks, feels and does, we become the observer.
We get naturally closer to Who I AM.
Thus, the first step in our path to intuition is to only become the observer; to acknowledge and accept the ego, nothing else.
Practice it as an exercise.

Try just to observe, not to judge, not to put labels.
And, if you can’t help judgment and labelling, then observe your incapacity of non judgment.
Just become the observer again, not the judge.

We talked about intuition and instinct, but I didn’t give a concrete answer:
What is the difference between intuition and instinct?

Instinct is part of the animal kingdom.
Since we are animals, we have instinct.
It is the unconscious automatic result of the accumulation of experiences by our brain.
Instinct is a reaction for survival. We all have it.

When you don’t put your mental thinking between you and your instinct, your instinct will bring you balance and well being.
This is what happens in the wild life.
Even though animals have no self-consciousness, they preserve automatically (non consciously) the eco system.
Thru instinct, they are grounded and connected to nature.
So they respect their environment instinctively.
But that doesn’t mean animals have free will; they don’t.

As I said, when we use our mental thinking to control instinct, we lose balance.
We start using our beliefs system and our attachments.

Animals do not have any free will, but they don’t have attachments, and we do.

Intuition is at another level.
It has nothing to do with survival.

Many think fears, desires and intuition are at the same level.
Fears and desires are at the level of instinct, they are not intuition.

Dependencies exist only at the level of instinct.
When you know Who You Are, when you get connected to the source thru intuition, you never get addicted.

Instinct is influenced by the past.
Intuition happens now.
If you don’t capture your intuition when it appears, when it sprouts, it vanishes immediately.
On the contrary, fears and emotions are repeated ad-eternum until they get satiated or sublimated.

Instinct changes with environment.
It changes from outside to inside.
The animal world has changed influenced by the biological evolution of the planet.

The inner being, intuition, the spirit, doesn’t change with environment.
It changes environment and it changes the world.
It sprouts from inside, so it changes from inside to outside.

To create a new world, we need intuition, not instinct; and certainly not the mental thinking.
At the level of the source, of I AM, of the spirit, of the soul, time does not exist.
Everything is part of the wholeness, there is no separation.
You are I and I am you. I recognize myself in you and you in me.
Because there is no separation, there is no need to move from a place to another; thus time is not necessary.

Question: How can I live timeless in my dual life of incarnation?
There is time in matter.
I take 20 minutes to go from home to work.
There is a road to travel.
So, how do I erase time from my life?

The secret is in the present moment. In the only moment there is.
And what is that moment?; the one that is happening now; the now moment; what many call the powerful Now.

When you observe, when you acknowledge, when you accept, you are just there.
You are strictly observing the moment.
You are living the present moment.
You are fully present.

If you let your mental thoughts in, you will be focusing in the past or the future, you will be already judging, using your knowledge of the past and calculating the better solution for future; you won’t be present anymore.
Your ego is in control, but Who You Are is absent.

The secret of peace, of love, of balance, is to just observe and acknowledge.

Your mental thinking needs the past and the future to exist.
It will stay away as long as you stay present.
And this is all you need to have an insight or to read the signals; to listen to the big Luís talking to you.

When you are busy doing and thinking, you are not receptive and you don’t give way to insights.
Solutions to your problems won’t happen.
Your ego will be in control and you will be post-poning decisions and repeating the same faked solutions that never really worked before; and it won’t work this time either.

Observe, acknowledge and accept the facts.
Can you do that now?

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