A The Path to Intuition entry published on May 15, 2009

Since we live in a dual world, the universal puzzle translations are operated thru co-creations.
Co-creation means “to create something together with someone”.

It means many of the signs the universal puzzle sends, you’ll find them in your relation with others.

In the world of matter, here where you and I decided to incarnate, everything needs its opposite.
No action occurs without a reaction.
This means that, what happens, has happened by co-creation.
Nothing happens by chance.
“By chance” is an expression ego has invented to explain everything it is incapable to explain.
No one is lucky or unlucky.

When something happens to you, you should always ask:

  • Why has this happened to me?
  • Why have I created this?
  • What part of this was co-created by me?
  • What do I have to understand?
  • What is the sign here?
  • What is this messenger (that person) trying to tell me?

Guilt does not exist, just co-creation.

There are no aggressors and no victims, just two (or more) people responsible for something that has happened.

When you coincide with someone in a certain place, it is not by chance, it is co-creation.
You may not understand why, but it’s still a co-creation.
It’s a translation from the puzzle.

The puzzle sends you translations thru all the other pieces/people on Earth.

We are just asked to try to catch the message that is enclosed in a co-creation.

Anybody who co-creates with you is considered a messenger for you.
May that person be a taxi driver, the owner of a shop, a parent, somebody you never met before, anybody, even someone that appears on television.

When you ask yourself: “What is my part of creation in this?”, you will understand that you’ve contributed (consciously or unconsciously) to what has happened.

When a car accident occurs, for instance, both drivers contributed to it. It’s useless to point out the finger at the guilty driver. By doing that, you lose the message the puzzle is sending you thru that person.

Well, in matter, the drivers and their insurance companies will have to sort out who was at fault, that is true, but it will only solve matter, not the purpose of the accident.

Every event has its purpose, may you like or not, may you understand it or not.
And there is always a message enclosed for the active co-creators, as well as for the passive co-creators.

If you still believe things happen by chance and that luck is part of your life, your ego may be blinding you and ensuring you do not listen to the puzzle and to your source.

When your beliefs system decides luck exists, you cease to be in control of your life.

You will be tended to look for your happiness outside, instead of connecting with your inner being.
Hence, your life may not be very easy.

Everything that happens in our planet has a purpose:

You will never be able to practice pardon if you can’t find anyone whom to forgive.
You will never be able to practice justice if you can’t find any injustice.
You will never be able to practice friendship if you can’t find enemies.
You will never be able to experience passion if you can’t find hate.
Don’t forget, we need the opposite of what we came to live on Earth.

There are no innocents.
Nobody incarnates by chance.
But we all have options and decisions to make, consciously or unconsciously.
Be aware, observe yourself.

Criticizing corruption doesn’t allow us to understand why it still exists on earth.
When you do not vibrate genuinely, by trying to be what you aren’t, you will be sending corruption to the world, thus, you’ll receive corruption in any form it may exist close to where you live.
It may be thru politicians that live in your area, a company that sells green wash products (faked ecologic products) that you buy in a shop nearby or even thru your neighbour.
Corruption still exists because many people need to be corrupted.

In duality, opposites need each other:

The assassin needs the assassinated, the violator needs his victim, the teacher needs the pupil, the policeman needs the burglar and the politician needs the voter.

I know this is not easy, but it is absolutely fantastic if you can understand it.
Hang on!!!

Nothing happens by chance, absolutely nothing.
The universe is purely an echo of what you send him.
Nobody dies by chance.

Remember, the conjunction of all parts makes the wholeness.
In our world, everything is perfectly coherent. It is pure cause - effect.

Difficult, yet necessary to observe, acknowledge and accept every co-creation:

The millions of people starving are just the other side of the coin.
The rich northern culture can only become richer if the southern part of the world starves.
Don’t complain.
They starve for us to have televisions, cars, golden watches, mobile phones, computers, huge quantities of food to eat and, mainly, to waste.

Remember, this is the ego world.
It is scarce. For you to win, someone else has to lose.

The god of our mother-culture is ego.
And ego only knows how to survive.
Your ego wants you to survive, although the rest of the world may starve.
Its mission is accomplished. You’re safe.

After reading all this, don’t start getting rid of all your belongings.
Start vibrating genuinely first, then you’ll decide what to do with your belongings.
Keep what you have, for now.
You’ll realize shortly what is useless and what is superfluous.
Take your time. Respect yourself.
Don’t feel guilty because you own a lot of matter, and don’t feel fantastic just because you are poor.

Throwing your things away won’t bring food to the rest of the world.
That would be a precipitation and a destruction of your world.
And destruction means war.
And, in this case, self-war.
You would be declaring war to you.
Don’t do that.

It is not by destruction that we’ll get there. We’ve seen it.
Let the world of ego crumble. Let the collective ego commit suicide.

Just observe how you feel, acknowledge what you have and what you are, and accept it.
Then, focus on your connection to intuition, on your connection to the source.

Vibrate genuinely! Be who you are. That’s all you’re asked to do.
And be grateful to every co-creation you’ll attract.

What you do is not important to the puzzle, just who you are:

The universal puzzle will not punish you for any bad actions you’ve taken.
The puzzle doesn’t care about what we do. He never did and never will.
The puzzle only reacts to what we are, not to what we do or have.

More norms, tougher religions, tougher masters, tougher cops, tougher tribunals won’t change anything in this world. They will just increase pain.
They will bring more pain, and they will blind us even more.
They will strengthen the collective ego.
We don’t need more repression, just more genuine vibration.

The puzzle is ready to resolve all the problems on Earth, if our collective ego lets him in.

I think I know what you may be thinking:

Luis, are you saying that we should live assassins and violators and other burglars on the streets?
Shouldn’t we punish them?

No, I am not saying that those people should not be taken away from society.
Society must protect itself.
We need to stop these people doing that, of course.

What I mean is you and I should try to understand what a violator that goes to prison has as a message to us; because he has one, for sure.

What you do is important in matter:

In matter, what you do is important.
Yes, I agree.
In matter, if you drink too much, you get drunk;
if you run fast, you may get tired;
if you insult someone, you may also be insulted;
if you steal, you go to jail;
if you’re caught over speeding, you’ll have a fine.

In matter, every action has its consequence.
Yes, the verb to do is important.
We need to pay attention to what we do in order to be able to control matter and to live in this society in this dual world.
Yes, for sure.

To Do and To Be:

I think our world needs compassion, but compassion for everybody, with no distinctions between who is “good” and who is “evil”.

The verb to do is necessary, on Earth, but it does not help you to vibrate genuinely, nor has it any consequences on how the puzzle will “treat” you.

To do is a verb that is very important in matter, but not in the instruction on life, on being.
This is why I said the puzzle doesn’t care about what we do or about what we have.

Just be, don’t do any effort to improve, to become a better person.
There is no such thing as better persons. That’s an invention of our collective ego.

I know almost every school and every religion on the planet teaches you to do what they call the good.
But that is not spirituality.
That is confounding ego with I AM.

Just be:

If you focus on being, you’ll never want to hurt someone and you will nourish more and more your compassion towards yourself and towards all the others.
A person connected to the source, i.e., a person well balanced will not want to violate, to aggress or to harm any other. It doesn’t even cross his mind.

Our journey to our inner being must not be forgotten, nor diminished.

This world of ours needs a new energy, a new spirit.

It needs some major translations from the universal puzzle.

To let the puzzle’s translations operate at a large scale on the planet, we need to have more and more humans vibrating genuinely.

You aren’t asked to do anything; you aren’t asked to be good, to punish the bad, or to point out the finger at those you call evil.
That won’t change anything in our world.

Everything I’ve been saying in this post is not easy. I know.

We are often confronted with corruption, with violence, with people we hate.

We just need to stay aware of the puzzle’s messages in our day to day life.
It’s hard, because we deal mostly with matter and with ego and it tends to blind us.

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