There Are Two in You

A Who You Are entry published on April 13, 2009

Let’s try this exercise:
Close your eyes, raise a finger and bring all your attention to that finger.
Maintain your eyes closed.
Slowly, you will start noticing a certain feeling on your finger, something different from before.
It can be a fine vibration, or trembling, or dormancy, or torpidity.
Observe what you feel. Keep observing what you feel.

The exercise is now over. You can open your eyes.

You certainly have observed a certain feeling on your finger.
Your finger already existed, before this exercise. Your body was wearing it without paying any attention to it.
Then, you’ve started observing that finger and a feeling appeared. So, there were two of you in this exercise.
The one that had the finger and the one that started observing that same finger.
Your finger was already part of your body, it was being irrigated by blood, it had a skin, nerves, but you weren’t feeling it. It is only when you focused on that finger that you started feeling something different from before.

So, when the observer in you shows up, things change. There are two of you.

Now, which one are you, the owner of the finger or the observer?
Which is you? Don’t tell me you are both. Which is you?

You go for a walk in the woods by a dark night. And you take a spotlight.
Then you stop and you point out the flashlight to an object, for instance, to a broken branch.
You can see the branch because you focus the light on it.
The object appears to you because you draw your attention to it.

The spotlight is a good metaphor to what I’ve called the Power of Attention.

Things only start to exist for you when you focus your attention on them.
Things become clear to you when you focus the spotlight on them.

And do not forget that this Power of Attention does not belong to your body.
It is somewhere around your body in a non biological shape.
It is formless;
It is not a form, it’s a flow.

The answer to my question is: You are the observer, not the owner of the finger.
You are the source. You are formless. You are just the flow of live that sprouts from inside.

We humans all are, and we’ve always been, the flashlight, the power of attention, the observer.
We are not the body. The body is a consequence of our flashlight.
We are the origin and our body is the reaction.
I am the source and my body, my life, my house, my work, my family, my friends are the objects, they are the reaction to Who and How I am.

The source is I AM. I am the creator.
My body is a representation of Me.

Yes, you are the creator of your own universe, thru your power of attention.

In my next post , we will go deeper in this subject.

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