The Two Levels of Consciousness

A Who You Are entry published on April 15, 2009

There are two levels in you.

The level of the Source (the power of attention) and the level of the Object (the outcome of your power of attention).

The source is the I AM.
How do we know?
We know it by an empirical verification of facts in a child’s path.
But they don’t teach this at school.

There is evidence that we all are the source, the I AM.
We were taught to repeat things, not to verify simple facts of life.

Humans want to go to the moon, but they still don’t know who they are.

When I say you are the source, the dot of light, the power of attention, this may go against everything you have heard until now and you may get shocked, possibly…

In Creators and Repeaters, I said that no one knows how to solve the biggest problems of mankind.
You know why?
Because most people think they are the object, the brain, the biological body.
But we aren’t.

Our physical body is the outcome of the power of attention.

Everything that happens with matter had its source at another level, at the level of the power of attention.

We will never solve the issues of this planet if we keep refusing to accept that We Are The Source!
We are the observer, the dot of light, the power of attention, the I AM.

There is always a creator, who is the cause, and there will always be an effect, the object.

Everything has a function, a purpose. Every being has a function.

The difference between us humans and the rest of the planet is that we think we can alter our function.
But we can’t.
We can do whatever we want, we can destroy the planet, we can change the climate, we can live in peace or at war.

We can do whatever we desire, but we will never be able to alter our purpose on Earth.

It is very difficult for mankind to understand the purpose of a mountain, a sea, a desert, a crystal, a roc, but they also have one. And it’s also unchangeable.

No, I am not saying that everything is pre determined, no!
I am just saying that we are all conditioned, oh yes we are.

Humility is to recognize that our purpose will be unchangeable as long as we will live on this Mother-Earth. We are all conditioned by our purpose.

Do we have the power to change the world? Yes, if we respect our purpose!

In my previous post , I’ve started asking what the Mind, the Spirit, the Soul, Thoughts, Intuition and Instinct were. Those answers will appear now.

  • You’ve heard of the Ego.
  • You’ve also heard of Intuition.
  • You’ve also heard of Instinct.

Well, let’s start.

About the dual world of matter:

When a child is born, he is nothing but a dot of light, a conscience.
The baby decides to incarnate and, at birth, he receives his power of attention as a gift.
He decided to incarnate in this planet were you and I live.
This is the world of humans, of biology, of matter. And it is a dual world. Duality is always present in our planet.

Everything that exists on this planet is dual.
Everything fits in its opposite: Male/female, tall/little, big/small, day/night, life/death, old/new, good/bad, yin/yang. Every relation is dual. It is me and the other.

The first ones to have arrived on this planet purvey nourishment to the new comers. Nothing gets lost. Everything is useful.
Everything gets transformed.
Everything fits.

Light and water feed the plants, the plants feed the herbivores, the herbivores feed the carnivores and they all feed the humans, the last ones to arrive.
This is the dual world.
Everything is completed by another thing.
This is our universe. And it is the result of the sum of its parts.

So, what is the Ego?
The Ego is the product of the I AM.
Ego comes from Greek and it means I.
However, it is frequently used to describe the ME in the level of matter, in the dual world.

The two levels of conciousness

So we have the I AM at the level of the source and the EGO (or the ME) at the level of biology and matter.

The French have the JE and the MOI.

So the ego is your body in the dual world.
It is your finger in the exercise we did previously.
The ego is the broken branch in the forest.

There are two in you.:

  • The I AM and the ME.
  • The I and the Ego.
  • The big Luís and the little Luís.

The big Luís is not at the level of matter.
He is at the level of thought, of the source.
He is the one to decide the pourpose of the ME in this planet.

The little Luís is the one you can look at in my photo.
He is the physical body.
And he should always accept that his purpose has been decided by the big Luís.

Summarizing, we have two levels:

  1. The level of the source, of the I AM, of the subject, of the purpose, of the power of attention, of the soul, of the spirit, of emptiness, of ideas, of the true being, of the big Luís, where everything is connected, where we are all one, the world of unity. And this world of unity is timeless.
    At this level, we have extra sensorial perceptions (ESP) which can also be called INTUITION.

    This level of conscience, when projected, creates the other level, the level of the object.

  2. That other level is the level of the object, of the broken branch, of Ego, of the physical body, of instinct, of separation, of duality, of matter, of substance, of the little Luís. At this level, you also find the rational thinking, the rational thoughts, the Cartesian thinking, the five physical senses, the free will, thoughts like good and bad, emotions like pleasure and pain, karma and dharma, yin and yang.

Unfortunately, in society, it is strongly recommended that we believe we are the object, the ego.

But we are not.
We are the source, the I AM, the soul, the spirit and we have the power to create whatever we want.

The I AM (the soul who expresses itself in us thru intuition) does not recognize death as an end.

And it does not recognize birth as a beginning either.

For the soul, these are only transformations that are operated at another level.
The soul is timeless.

The soul will always know everything.

The soul, this universal dot of light, came to Earth to do the experience of living in a physical world of duality and matter where it is necessary to get related with others, with the other parts of the same One.

Many like to call the level of I AM the mind and the level of EGO the mental.

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