The Power of Attention

A Who You Are entry published on April 13, 2009

If I was to ask a young student what the human mind is, what would he answer? And what would you?

And what is the spirit? And the soul? And where do thoughts come from? And what’s intuition? And instinct?

Do they talk about this in schools? Is this important, or is it more important to swallow millions of things about politicians, kings, philosophers, psychologists, intellectuals, scientists, religious people, each of them taught in a more boring manner than the other?

And it seems that is still not boring enough, because students still have to repeat what these people have said and done, otherwise they will be called ignorant. Fantastic!

And many people don’t know what the mind is and how it can be used.

When does school talk about you, about your life, about your purpose, about your inner power?

The most important is what you are, what you feel and what you think because that is the only thing you can master. And it only depends on you.

Let’s talk about the mind.

When you listen to a song, your sense of hearing allows you to listen to the music and to the words. When you look at something, your sense of vision permits you to see that thing. That’s how physical senses work. You listen, see, smell, taste and touch. Good.

But now, tell me why sometimes you look at someone and you don’t see him. Or when you are listening to a song, you get distracted, the music ends and you say: “I did not hear anything. I love this music, I was delighted that I had a chance to listen to it and yet, I didn’t.” These two examples show that although your ears and your eyes work perfectly, your sense of hearing and your sense of vision did not really work well. Why? Because you didn’t pay attention. The power of attention was not there.

Without the power of attention duly focused, nothing works. It defines everything in our lives.

So, what is the power of attention? And where is it? Where is it in your body?
Simple questions, yet difficult answers.
They don’t teach this at school.

Oh, you are going to tell me, like 99% of people do, that the power of attention is in your brain.

Ok, but sometimes you use a certain part of the brain and in other times you use another (because in fact there are many different zones in the brain).
Who told your brain to use this part and not that part?
Where did the power of attention come from to tell the brain to use this or that?
It couldn’t be from the brain. If the brain received and order, it couldn’t have given it.

So now we have a problem. Who gave the order? Where is the power of attention?
What makes you focus here or there? Ask around you.
Where is the human being’s power of attention?
If it is not in the brain, where is it, then?

Tell me, who is in control in that body of yours?

Look, you have a power of attention that determines everything in your life and you don’t know where it is. Brilliant!
And nobody talks about this at school. As if it wasn’t important.
But it is!
How can I master my being if I don’t know where my power of attention comes from?

Many scientists have studied this and what is most peculiar is that they all seem to agree that the Power of Attention is not in the human body. It is a gift that is born with us. It is absolutely not in the brain. It is like a dot of light that is born with us. And we all have it.

Yes, we are a human body driven by a dot of light that is not in the physical body.

We are already surfing outside of the body without even trying to be mystic or spiritual or religious or any other thing you would like to call it.

Our way of living, our debts, our happiness, our fears, our emotions, our friends, everything depends on the power of attention.

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