The Evolution of Mankind

A Creators and repeaters entry published on April 27, 2009

Ask yourself:
Why are the fantastic “elites” of this planet unable to find a solution to the most important issues the planet has been facing for the last 100 years?

I started this blog with this same question.

Would you risk an answer?

I guess so, after what we talked about in the previous post.

The answer is easy:
We’ve been doing nothing but to repeat for hundreds of years. We do nothing but to train our brain and its mental thinking.

Repetition, repetition, repetition…

Yes, repetition, because our mother-culture is based on the brain, on the veneration of the brain, on knowledge, on ego.

Do you know the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom?

Where does knowledge come from?
From the past, of course!

Does wisdom have anything to do with the past?
Wisdom has to do with the present moment, with the Now.

But we don’t know what wisdom is.
We call wise those who have a big knowledge.
It is crazy!

Knowledge comes from the past.
And it comes, mostly, from information you were told, not from your direct experience. And so, it is forged on information coming from outside of you.
If you cut your link to the past, you lose knowledge.

Wisdom lives in the present.
It does not care about what was or what has been.
It only deals with the Now.
It is about information that comes from the source, from Intuition, from your spirit, your soul, your inner being who is connected to all there is.
So the source is naturally wise.

With the years, humanity has been accumulating more and more global knowledge, especially after the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century and mainly after computers were invented.
Specialists say knowledge multiplies by two every two years.
So we are all totally obsolete after two years if we do not do any up-date in our knowledge.
It is crazy.
It is a battle against time that we cannot win.
And what a stress!!!

Knowledge and the major issues of the planet:

If you watch carefully, you will realize that the more we gain knowledge, the more the big issues of the planet seem impossible to solve.
And they are getting bigger and bigger.

We have more people starving, more unbalance between North and South, more corruption, more and more stress, more and more armed conflicts spread over the planet ( and always in the same places), less and less drinkable water, less and less pure air to breath, more and more natural catastrophes, a bigger change in climate…

Doesn’t this seem a big paradox to you?
The more we know and the quicker with learn, the less we are able to address the big global issues of the planet.
Can you believe this?

And of course the majority of people on Earth are waiting for some elites, a certain group or a certain person to solve all this.
But they won’t be able to.

  • Am I being pessimistic?
  • Am I being negative?
  • Am I demotivating you?


I did not say there wasn’t a solution!

I just said the “elites”, the scientists, the governments and all those I mentioned who, I am sure, have loads of knowledge, are not able to come up with a lasting solution.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.
Because there is a solution!

That solution comes form every individual focus on his intuition.
We said intuition is a super clairvoyant extra sensorial perception. It knows everything and it is timeless. It is like telepathy.

The source, the I AM is abundant.
And it is connected thru telepathy to everything that exists.
Ego is based on scarcity.
By connecting to the source, we receive new ideas.

Weigh my words: I say new ideas, not a new shape for old ideas; new insights, new ways of living human life on Earth.
To do this, we must forget our identification to ego and get back to the source.

Knowledge does not make humans evolve.
Only wisdom does.
Knowledge makes matter, and the way we deal with it, evolve.
We have evolved immensely in our means to shape matter.
But human beings have not evolved.
Identification to ego does not make humans evolve.

The incompetence of ego:

The ego is not worried with evolution.
It doesn’t care.
The ego is worried with survival.
It only runs away from pain and looks for pleasure.
But remember your perceptions of pleasure and pain come from your beliefs system.
Therefore, your ego may very well be trying to search for a pleasure that may bring misery to your family, or to your group of friends or even to your country or planet.

Your ego is not worried about evolution; just survival of a way of being that is linked to matter.
This is why solutions will never come from ego nor from our “elites”, because they all decide upon their perceptions of pain and pleasure, which always lead to a scarce horizon and to a need for survival.

No, the only way for mankind to evolve and to therefore  solve the biggest problems this planet is facing today is by connecting to intuition.

If we really had evolved, as humans, our lives wouldn’t be today a constant fight against everybody and everything. It is against vegetation and plants, it is against animals, it is against erosion, against space invaders, against neighbours, competitors, friends, it is a fight everywhere.

We humans lost awareness of how much we’ve been erasing the Now, the present moment, the I AM, the inner being.
We lost awareness of how much our identification to ego blinds us.
We lost awareness of how much we seek peace starting wars.
And that we make war because our beliefs system and our perceptions of pain and pleasure are different from our neighbours’.

We need to encourage deconstruction:

No, long lasting solutions will not come from ego, nor from the brain, nor from logic deductions, mental reasoning or from the knowledge of professors or universities.
We need to deconstruct ego and its faithful egotistic mental thinking to have access to another reality.

I say deconstruct, I do not say destroy.
What is the difference?
Destruction takes its origin in an external factor.
To try to destruct the identification humans have to ego is to start more wars, more misery, more pain.
Destruction implies aggression and conflict.

No, I like the word deconstruct; it means to allow ego to undo itself from inside. It is a kind of  soft and sweet implosion. It is an endogenous process.
It means identification to ego will start dying endemically, little by little.

Let’s not try to destroy the mental thinking.
It will self destroy itself. It will crumble from inside.
Our role is to alert and help people to acknowledge facts and also to help them not to live in denial.

Then, we will be ready to work with our intuitive feeling.

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