The Beliefs System

A Live Your Life entry published on April 20, 2009

Theoretically, a human being who is able to only live out of intuition shouldn’t have any problems.

Yet, from the moment we incarnate, we cannot only live from intuition.
We have to live in the dual world, and this allows our ego to get in the way between us and intuition.

Intuition is also called the intuitive feeling, it is spontaneous, not programmed, it just happens and it has no shape and no time.
It’s timeless and formless.

It is quick and unpredictable.
This is why we call it an insight.

We have non conscious access to intuition when we sleep and when we dream.
We can have conscious access to intuition when we do not identify to ego and therefore listen to the inner voice.
It can be thru visualization, meditation, daydreaming, stopping the rational mental reasoning.

Intuition is a flow of life that comes from inside. It belongs to the kingdom of unity, where everything is linked and where we are all One.

The Mental thinking (rational thinking) comes from our memory, our past, our painful experiences (that we do not want to repeat) and our good experiences (that we would like to repeat).

Beliefs are the first level of Mental thinking:
What I believe in (always based on past experiences and on what I was told).
Basically, it is everything we were told and what we experienced.

It is information that comes from the past, facts that happened and shaped us, beliefs anchored in past experiences.

Here, the brain is in control.
But the brain cannot do anything else but to analyse past experiences and to protect us for the near future. He never lives in the present.

The brain shapes us in reaction to all the information it received from outside.

Thoughts are the second level of Mental thinking:
They are the output of beliefs:
Opinions, prejudices, perceptions, projections, labels, judgment, wishes, control, power, the need for approval, the need for success and prestige.
In one word, attachments.

Beliefs and thoughts shape our live. And they come from outside.

Emotions are the third level of Mental thinking:
They are the natural outcome of beliefs and thoughts.
Good emotions are much easier to deal with.
Here, what is important is to talk about bad emotions such as anger, tension, anxiety, envy, jalousie, fear, panic, sadness, depression, shame, guilt and disillusion.

With the bad emotions, we have an alternative:

  1. The first option: We may want to control emotions, because our beliefs and thoughts tell us to, and there, instead of a feeling of relief, we stuck emotions inside and we shape a way of being that is not natural. If we choose this alternative, it will probably be because we are in search of approval from someone.
  2. The second option: But we also may acknowledge the emotion, observe our emotional state, accept it and verbalize what we feel. This is showing self respect. If we choose this second option, we will feel a flow of life coming from inside and we will be in a healing process and connecting to intuition. It’s a big relief.

Behaviour is the fourth level of Mental thinking:

If you chose to block emotions, (the first option) your behaviour will want to confirm your beliefs and thoughts and your life becomes a vicious circle.

Indeed, you are only allowed behaviours of repetition.
And you are in a never ending process of self fulfilling prophecies.
You are not in charge anymore.
You don’t live your life.
You are lived by your life.
You are commanded by your first experiences of pain and pleasure and mainly by what you were told.
You aren’t free.
You don’t let new ideas and new insights in.
May the universe have mercy on you, because you are planning suicide!

But, if you chose to acknowledge, observe, accept and verbalize your emotions (the second option), you are very lucid and able to understand what is wrong in your beliefs system and then step away from the kind of thinking that caused you so much pain and discomfort.

There, you will be in charge and you will feel absolutely free to erase any belief or thought that just doesn’t work for you.
It is a thrilling healing process.

The universe is merciful and it allows a third option for those who decided to follow the path of blocking emotions.

And this third chance is to learn from your body.
If you listen to what your body is trying to tell you, you will be capable to understand what type of beliefs and thoughts made you suffer so much.

Then, you can get rid of them.

And let life flow!

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