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A Live Your Life entry published on April 18, 2009

If you follow your path without listening to your inner being, he will alert you thru intuition.
If you still do not listen to him, he will then alert you thru emotions.
If you are still deaf, he will then alert you thru body symptoms.

So, we could say that the human being who is well balanced is the one who is able to listen to his inner being.

And none of this has anything to do with religion.
We are talking about acknowledging facts.

A strong intuition, a strong emotion or a strong pain are nothing but a scream from your source asking to be heard.

These are the communication means that the source has at his disposal to drive us thru the better and smoother path for us.

The flashlight is sending us signs.

The more you are far away from your purpose, the more your spirit will send you signs, insights, intuitions.

When it gets to the physical body, it is because you missed the signs at the other two levels.

And don’t forget, you can do whatever you want except to change your purpose.

The more you pay attention to your ego and to your desire to idolater matter in whatever form, the less you will remember your purpose, your function in this planet, and the less you will re-connect with YOU.
And, surely, the more you will have problems in your life, including with your health.

In Does Your Body Lie?, I write about how to learn from your body.

I establish the correspondence between a physical symptom and the blockage in your conscience that made it happen.
If you listen well to your body, he will tell you what you have to change in life.

Listening to the signs coming from inside or to education coming from outside?
As soon as we land on the planet, we start receiving information both from the inside and from the outside.

From inside:
As I said, you start your life being pure intuition.
You receive information that comes from inside of you.

From outside:
Suddenly, adults (and especially mum, dad, grand ma, grand pa, the family clan and our teachers) decide to teach us the best way to live our lives, telling us what to do, what not to do, what to think and what not to think and even what to feel and what no to feel.

This is information that comes from outside of us and it builds up our identification to Ego.

This creates a shield of beliefs and thoughts aiming at our protection. So their intention is good.

The problem is that some of these beliefs and thoughts imported from others cause us bad emotions and/or physical problems.

From inside:
The solution to this would be to verbalize and express our emotions to let the tensions go away.
This is again something that comes from inside.

From outside:
But again, dad and mum and society in general do not allow us to express and verbalize our emotions.

And so the tensions you feel get stuck inside.
When they get stuck inside, physical problems arrive.

From inside:
The body is telling us something we ought to listen to very carefully.
It is again information that comes from inside.

From outside:
But our ego keeps telling us that it is ridiculous to listen to the body.
You are much better of with a doctor that gives you a drug.
This is again an input that comes from outside.

Nobody is saying you should not take the drug, but just to listen to your body before you do it.

So our inner conflicts are caused by the information that comes from outside (from others) which collides, very often, with the one that comes from our inner being thru intuitions, emotions and the body symptoms.

I will come back to this idea of education when I’ll talk about instruction on matter and instruction on life.

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