Instruction on Matter and Instruction on Life

A Creators and repeaters entry published on April 29, 2009

In most countries of what is called the western civilization, many young people and especially teenagers hate school.
They prefer holidays.
This means they feel school is boring.

It’s amazing, when you think they spend 80% of their day time at school or doing home work for school.

Youth seems very motivated to learn but not motivated at all by what (and how) they are taught.
I perceive this as a total failure of our western mother-culture.
Of course I am generalizing, nevertheless it is true in most cases.

Most of the kids I know love to go to kinder garden to learn. They find that absolutely fantastic.
Yet, when they’re around 8 - 9 years old, when their ego is fully rooted and the contents at school start being more serious, they quickly start looking forward to holidays.
It is logic, very logic, because schools disgust kids.

Because we impinge them everything about the ego:

They learn that anything not verified by the five physical senses does not exist.
There is very little space for the study of I AM in our school programmes.
It is mostly about matter.

Schools reduce our relation with nature and cosmos to our human understanding.
As if the universe was to be explained from the egotistic reasoning point of view.
It is a reductive paradigm!
What an arrogance!
We are part of something much, much bigger than humanity.

Globally, the education system doesn’t work, but nobody cares.
Should the education system function differently and all youngsters would love to go to school.
But governments just don’t  accept this.
Most governments and institutions live in denial.
Not only governments but also most of the “elites”; and of course the families.

We try to insert children and teenagers in a world of adults instead of creating a world for them.

It wouldn’t take too much to do it, though.

There is one thing most youngsters like at school: to meet their friends.

At school, we tell them what they shouldn’t be, do or feel if they want to be accepted by the society of adults they will be invited to join when their marks will show they’re ready.

Ready for what?
Ready to join the modern life of adults. This life of constant stress, of a huge struggle for money, security, comfort, success, status, recognition, happiness; a life where adults do not pay attention to their health, their body, their emotions, their spiritual being and where they run constantly against time.
What a beautiful vision for youngsters!
Why would they want to become like the adults they see around them?
Crazy plan!

The way most adults live nowadays disgusts young people.
That is why they consume more and more substances that cause addiction.
Adults, schools and governments don’t realize that they are also addicted to lots of stuff.

Why doesn’t this change?

Because, as we’ve seen, the ego lives in scarcity and scarcity only seeks for survival.
The egotistic society is afraid the education system may collapse.
Because they wouldn’t know what to put in place. They don’t have any new ideas.
For the ego, when there are no new ideas, it just can’t recognize the present system is not good.

This is a major issue in western civilizations.
And of course, like with other major issues on the planet, nobody within our westerner mother-egotistic-culture knows how to solve it.

Some private schools here and there are trying new ideas with lots of success, but the big majority is afraid of the collapse of the system.
They feel better-off keeping a bad system then looking for a system seeking happiness for pupils at school.

And so, they keep saying that all the knowledge youngsters have to learn is not boring and that it has the purpose to develop their neurones and to teach them how to think.

But I say No!
They just learn to repeat!
They venerate the brain.
And the brain only reacts and repeats.

Young students spend a lot of time learning and repeating millions of knowledge.
I say it is too much, it is ineffective and it looks like forced labour.

There should be two big topics in education:

An instruction on Matter and an instruction on Life.

In other words, at the same school, pupils would have:

  • 50% of their branches on instruction about how to control matter
  • 50% of branches on instruction about how to live, how to re-connect to the source, how to become the creators of their own universe, how to use their inner power. In one word, how to live happily.

About Instruction on Matter:

As we’ve seen, a baby incarnates because he decided to live in this dual world where matter is a very important part of life.
Therefore, he needs to receive instruction on matter.
But not during 99% of the time, as it is today in most cases.

To learn how to deal with matter, humans need instruction on:
mathematics, geometry, chemistry, physics, geography, zoology, biology, natural sciences, etc;
Instruction on mother tongue, foreign languages, Latin, Greek, etc;
Instruction on music, singing, handiwork, art, painting, drawing, etc;
Instruction on physical movement, such as sports, dance, etc.

This is information you receive from others, so it comes from outside.
The newcomers need to learn this information with the old-timers. This is natural.

I did not mention psychology, philosophy and religion because they should be branches of  instruction on life.

About Instruction on Life:

You cannot teach anyone how to live or what to be.
No, because our inner being is connected to the source. And the source is timeless and formless.
It’s a flow that is linked to everything there is. It is pure wisdom.
When there is no form, there is no matter.
Every human incarnates with a perfect plan and a very clear purpose.
Every human being comes to earth with a perfect knowledge of how to live happily.
It is inside, in the inner being.
Life sprouts from inside. It can’t be taught from outside.

About today’s school of ego:

In society, we nourish the illusion that ego can teach life. But that is impossible.
Ego needs to teach the child how to get acquainted with matter, that’s all.
This is what I’ve called instruction on matter. But is stops here.

Schools, society,  families and religion shouldn’t have the velleity to teach humans what they should be.
This only creates mind blockages between the the big Luís and the little Luís.
The little Luís may lose track of his purpose in life.

About tomorrow’s school of I AM:

The instruction on life helps the person to remember who he truly is.

And this of course means to allow the person to express deep feelings and thoughts and to suggest new ideas both for the world of children and the world of adults.

This is why the branches of instruction on life would be to experience the practical relation with nature, with other living beings, with inner spirit, with the natural movements of Earth, with human wisdom, with universal wisdom; to learn music, creativity, body expression, emotional expression and spiritual expression; to talk about oneself, one’s life, about what is important at that very present moment.
Children need to be truthful, trustful and complete.
In one word, they need to learn the path to intuition and to remember they are the source.

What is the major conceptual difference between the Instruction on Matter and the Instruction on Life?

The major difference lies on the fact that matter is knowledge that comes from outside whereas life and being is knowledge that sprouts from inside.

Instruction on matter would provide them knowledge, and instruction on life would allow them space to experience wisdom.

The richest people on earth aren’t those who do forced labour, but rather those who have new ideas.
The more you teach on ego, the more the person will be away from the source and the less he will receive new ideas.

Einstein received the theory of relativity in a dream.
As an insight.
Very quick. With no effort.
After that, he spent a lot of time explaining it with equations of the mental thinking.

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  • August 1st, 2013

    Bobbi P says:

    You use the term matter, the same term is used in Christian Science. Are you a Christian Scientist?

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