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A The Human Mind entry published on April 24, 2009

We talked about the difference between ideas and thoughts issued by Intuition and ideas and thoughts issued by Mental Thinking.

Today, I will explore the kingdom of Mental thinking, which is the biggest tool used by Ego and which seems to be the god of today’s society.

We’ve seen that the soul belongs to the kingdom of the I AM, where everything is one, where emptiness and wholeness are the same, where you are I and I am you, where separation does not exist.

The Ego does not understand this.
Indeed, it is not possible to understand the previous sentence with rational thinking.

There are two kinds of thoughts.

  1. One has its origin in intuition. I call it the intuitive thinking, or the intuitive feeling or the cognitive feeling.
  2. The other kind has its origin in the mental thinking, in deduction, in a Cartesian logic. I also call it the egotistic thinking or mental thinking.

The mental thinking is powered by the left hemisphere of the brain.
This is why most people think that the power of attention is in our brain.
But it isn’t.

The left hemisphere of the human brain is considered the god of ego.
It is adored by society.
It is powerful.
But guess what?
It only reacts.
The left brain does not know how to create.

The left brain is not a creator.
It is a beautiful repetition machine.

When they measure your IQ at school, they do it on your ability to organize both your rational thinking and your memory.

And they don’t understand that intuition is a fabulous source of intelligence.
Who cares about intuition?

Your whole brain is a perfect obedient machine.
It reacts and obeys to your power of attention.

It is the power of attention that makes you trigger the left hemisphere of the brain, which only recognizes the egotistic thinking, rather than to trigger your right hemisphere of the brain, which recognizes intuition.

The brain works like a computer. It only processes data. It receives input and processes output. Logic.

Pain and Pleasure:

When the brain receives an input, it asks itself:
Does this represent pain or pleasure?

If it concludes it is pain, it will immediately try to eliminate it.
The brain’s biological function is to protect you and your ego from pain. At any cost.
Even if you have to die.

If it concludes the input means pleasure, it will want to process it to make you and your ego enjoy that pleasure.

It’s function is simple:
To protect you from pain (which it believes is bad for you) and to let you enjoy pleasure (which it believes is good for you). Simple.

The brain is part of the dual world, so his decision is simple and dual.
It is either pain or pleasure.

The brain is the master of duality.
And it only commands your life thru reaction.

The brain’s history:

And where does the brain look for its sensations of pain and pleasure?
In its memory, i.e., in your past experiences.
And it has a huge data base at its disposal.
Where does that data base come from?
From the past.
What past?
Here, I need some time to explain.

  • It is said there is a part of our human brain that took its origin in the early animal life on the planet. It is therefore very old, very animal. And this zone of the brain memorized concepts connected to collective behaviours, group belonging, collective conscience, need for security, anything linked to the early animal life.
  • There is another part of our brain, more recent, but still very old, that seems to be connected to emotions.
  • And finally, a third part, the Cortex, which seems to be the privilege of humans only, and is linked to self consciousness.

The difference between humans and the other animals stands in our capacity of self consciousness, which they don’t seem to have.
They feel emotions, but they are not aware that those are emotions. It is a non conscious automatic feeling.

This means the brain carries a huge load of memory repeated millions of times.

The brain’s education:

And do not forget that everything you were told since you were born is to be added to that gigantic data.

And also remember that what we were told about what happened in ancient times has been interpreted and that that interpretation has also been injected in your brain.
Like history, mythology, fairy tales, old books like the Bible, the Koran, the Tora and others, and also novels, poems, tales.
And your parents education, the way you were raised, where, with whom, when, and also the media are part of your brain’s data.

The left brain is always at war:

Everything you were told, everything you read and everything you’ve experienced are all data to which you’ve learnt to attach pain or pleasure.

Therefore, the brain is a slave of time. It is never in the present moment. It only uses past information to create a better future for your ego.

And it is this brain that is never in the present moment that commands mental reasoning.
He is the heart of mental thinking.

And this mental thinking is the one they teach you at school.
The mental reasoning is a cause of stress.
The left brain is in a constant war for survival.

But we all know that the only moment there is is the present moment.
Have you heard of any event on this planet that took place in any other moment than the present?

Everything happened and will always happen in the Now.
The verb to do can only be applied Now.

Your left brain does two things. It repeats and erases. It doesn’t invent anything.

And to repeat is exactly what we teach in schools. And we teach students to idolater the egotistic thinking, the mental thinking, all the thoughts repeated by our left brain.

They teach you what happened in the past for you to live better in the future.
But they forget one detail: you live Now.

And they tell you that tradition must be kept, and this, and that.

But again:
You were born with a direct connection to your right brain hemisphere.
At that time, your non conscious power of attention was stimulating your right brain hemisphere. You were directly connected to the source.

But, very quickly, you were told that what would make you a Man was the connection to your left brain hemisphere.
And you learnt how to shut the connection to the right brain and thus, to intuition.

We need to calm down our left brain:

The prupose is to open our minds to a re-connection with the source.

We need to direct our power of attention to intuition, stimulating again our right brain activity.

For this, the mental activity of the left brain will have to calm down.
For this, we need to pay very little attention to society’s egotistic thinking.

If you have a problem and look very hardly for a solution, you will end up with a second problem and of course no solution.
Stop looking mentally for a solution and it will happen.
Like an insight!

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