Creators and Repeaters

A Creators and repeaters entry published on April 11, 2009

“Don’t ever let your father and mother, your teachers, friends, any adult tell you what you should feel, think or do”. This is a sentence that my sons often hear from me.

If ever you like anything I say in this website, try not to repeat it as a repeater, but rather take it with you and live it your own way, test it, feel it and understand if it really makes sense in your experience, in your life. Do not do what I tell you in this blog.

The world is as it is because everybody repeats everything. People repeat the words, believes, emotions and thoughts of those who pretend to teach them. Very seldom do we find a real creator. It is because of this repetition that has been lasting for centuries that we have wars, hunger, sadness, stress…

This world, globally, as it is, does not work at all.

And this statement is not a judgment. Not even a negative thought. It is just a statement of a fact. Observe around you and you will see. Verify the reality!
Switch the radio and the tv on, read the papers. You will find catastrophes, problems, bad news. But people seem to like newspapers. Everybody seems to love bad news.

And why? Because they are looking for a solution coming from others. They think they cannot solve the problems, so they wait for someone to do it. When people can repeat, they feel happy. It works like a fad. While it stands, it motivates people. When it disappears, people start looking for something different, but always outside of them.

And if you look closer, you will realize that politicians, governments, professors, priests, monks, philosophers, intellectuals, psychologists, biologists, anthropologists, geologists, all of the “elites”, they cannot find a solution to this global world.

And I am not talking about nice words, big speeches, great ideas, great sets of values and good actions. Of course not. They are all experts at that, but it is always theoretical and vague. And they just repeat what they have heard from others before them.

That’s why they can’t find the solution.

And the global planet is getting worse and worse. We have been repeating the same formulas for hundreds of years. And we cannot solve it. The global warming, the lack of sweet water, the abandoned children, the poverty, the killing, the stress, the lack of motivation…

And we could easily add the musicians, singers, poets, humorists, painters, sculptors, any artist. And none have the slightest idea of how to find a solution to this world.

None of them know the solution, but they all point out at what they call the guilty ones.

And funnily enough, nobody seems to confess his impotency because they are convinced that the guilty ones are at fault!

Observe and verify the facts.

By denying the facts, you do not solve anything, you just post-pone it.

Something is missing in this planet’s mother culture, don’t you think?

Nobody seems to know a better solution than the repetition of past formulas.

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