A Child’s Path

A Who You Are entry published on April 16, 2009

When a child is born, he is connected to the source.
He is the source, the dot of light and, thru incarnation, he decides to also be the product, the object, the physical body.

The baby connects to the physical world thru intuition.
The baby is pure intuition.

He comes from the level of the I AM where everything is connected, where everything is One, where emptiness and wholeness are the same, where there is no duality, no separation.

So the child feels connected to everything and namely to his mother and father.

The first year and a half:

The dot of light incarnates in a body but, during the first year and a half, he keeps working as if he was still “up there” at another level.

The baby understands his mother and father fully without knowing the (dual) language of words.
He uses his intuitive feeling to understand everything that surrounds him.
He reads adults thoughts.

The baby is in a constant state of telepathy.
He uses his extra sensorial perceptions (ESP’s).
He captures everything perfectly .
He understands what his father and mother feel and think, even if they don’t tell him.
He knows perfectly when his father and mother are at home without hearing the sound of the door.
He just knows. He feels it.

As I said, the child is at the same time the source and the object.

Every new born has access to ESP’s.

The baby is connected to the source, but not consciously.
He is pure intuition.
It is just automatic.
He still hasn’t any free will.

It is very easy to notice it. Just stand close to a baby and you will see.
If you had never noticed this, I can tell you that the next time you’ll be in the presence of a baby of less than one year and a half, it will be obvious.

Some parents think that by keeping silent in front of a baby, the baby will not capture their thoughts and emotions. Pure illusion.

From one year and a half to two-three years old:

After one year and a half, the ego will start developing more and more, namely thru a conscious awareness of the physical body.

The child starts understanding that the body is his.
He starts understanding that he is not only the dot of light connected to everything but also that little body.

Around two-three years of age:

Around two-three years, he starts speaking, but he always refers to him as to another person.
He does not say “I want this”, but rather “Luís wants this”.

This shows that he is still more identified with the source than with the physical body.
He does not recognize himself entirely in that little ego.
Later, the baby will say “I want this!”

He starts talking, using a dual language.

He grows up leaving less and less room to his non conscious communication with the kingdom of the I AM.

The child will learn more and more about duality.
He will no longer be just the spirit, to slowly become a personality with his place in the world of matter and of ego.
There, the identification to the physical body is stronger.

He understands what a Pen, a Paper, a Chair, a Table, a Chart are because of their physical form.
But the child also understands words like Yes, No, But, For, Meaning, It means, which have no physical form.
How is this possible?
Yet the child captures them easily.

It is a different type of intelligence.
It is the intuitive feeling.
It is amazing how a child gets to understand the meaning of the words thru intuition.

During this transition phase where the ego is taking more and more place, the baby still chats with his spirit directly, thru his intuition in a non conscious way, but he also starts using his rational reasoning.

From six-seven years of age on:

It is only when the child is around six-seven years old that the child assumes fully he belongs to the kingdom of biology, of matter.
He is now fully aware of his role in the physical world.
His ego is now fully rooted.

This is when the spirit ceases to communicate automatically with the child.

The initiative to connect to the source belongs uniquely to the child, from now on.

The child has now an independent spirit that will always be connected to the source that will always be hidden under the ego’s envelope.

The child can now use his free will to decide what he wants to do in his life.

Any connection to the I AM, to the soul, will have to be conscious and voluntary.
It is the kid’s decision.

This conscious desire to Re-connect consciously to the inner being is called Re-ligare in Latin, and this is the root of the word Religion.

A major change occurred in the child’s life.
He stopped to be connected permanently to his inner being.

Six-seven years of age is also the moment to start learning at school.
And usually schools tend to tell the child that he should identify to his ego and not to his inner being.

This is why life is so hard for so many people on Earth.

Kid’s older than seven tend to reinforce ego at the detriment of their intuition and their inner being. The war of survival has started.


  • From birth to one year and a half, the child is automatically linked to the inner being.
  • From one and a half to six-seven, the child is automatically linked to his spirit, but also experiencing and affirming his ego. This is the transition phase.
  • From six-seven on, the child will reconnect only when he chooses to.

Now, to get connected, every human older than seven will have to learn how to free himself from the ego’s claws.

You need to remember you are part of the whole, to remember that you are not the ego (although you need it to live on Earth).
You are the source.

You are an inner being who decided to use that body as a vehicle thru Mother-Earth.
You need to remember that you live in a material world but that this is not your kingdom.
It is just a temporary stage.

You closed your direct channel to your inner being.

But, although you closed the channel, the inner being is still there.
He went nowhere.
He is just silent.
He is just waiting for you to shut the ego for some time for him to be able to show up.
Your inner being does not command you anymore.
You are in charge.

And you will only have access to the source if you decide to stop identifying with your ego.

And here, our daily life does not help.

But it is a vicious circle you need to stop. Nothing will change in life if you do not get connected to your source.

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